Locale library

These are the locales available as of 21/11/16.

For Translation to a different language there a 3 areas involved

  • Column Names / Fields – You can change this simply by renaming them within Sailwave
  • Fixed Text output on the Published output – You can change these in the template files see here.
  • The Text of the main Sailwave Program – This is done by changing the Locale, for instructions go here.

Some of these locales will be out of date and only provide a partial translation.  The Sailwave version the locale was created with it shown if known.  If you decide to fill in the blanks for an out of date locale, please do consider contributing it back to this site.  Thanks.

Some browsers will display the file instead of downloading it when you click on the links.  If that is the case try right-clicking and choosing something like “save link as”.  Alternatively just copy and paste the text into a new text (.txt) file using notepad or similar.

Polish, POL, Marcin Klikowicz, 22/11/13, V2.13.3

German, GER, Christof Rübsamen, 16/03/14, v2.12.3.

German, GER, Christof Rübsamen, 16/03/14, v2.14.8.

Danish, DEN, Kim Aagaard.

French, FRA, Anonymous.

Chinese, CHN, Taurus.

Swedish, SVE, Anders Landenstad.

Romanian, ROM, Dan Mitici.

Norwegian, NOR,  Jon Anders Quamme,  28/10/16
Previous ver Martin Bolgen.

If you create a locale please consider giving it to other users and listed here, thanks.  jon@sailwave.com.

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