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ezTrap has been acquired by Sailwave
New Version V23 (Feb 23)
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Sailwave is a popular, fully-featured, easy-to-use, multi-lingual, sailing results/scoring application for Windows from XP to Windows 11 – running on other platforms including Apple Mac via Windows emulation software.

Sailwave was created by Colin Jenkins in 2001, who was joined by Jon Eskdale in 2012.  Sailwave is supplied free of charge.  Some users have kindly made a voluntary donation in return.

In 2012 Colin was given an award for contributions to sailing by the Welsh Yachting Association and in 2013 a National Award was presented by HRH Princess Royal from the Royal Yachting Association.

Sailwave is used internationally at all levels of the sport, from sailing club dinghy/yacht racing/regattas to regional and world championships. Including radio-controlled racing.

Flexible publishing tools allow results to be targeted to web browsers, blogs, websites, email, and sailing news sites.  In the UK you can also use it to send your handicap returns to the Royal Yachting Association instead of working it out on paper.

A User Manual is available (See the Help menu)
In addition to the help available on this website, friendly help and advice from hundreds of experienced Sailwave users and authors are available from the Sailwave User Group.

Why not visit our fancy User Group FORUM now and read some of the very useful posts contributed by the users?  There is no need to sign up to browse.  If you sign up you can post questions and participate, additionally, you can also get a summary emailed to you weekly (You can even specify if you would prefer monthly or daily).
You will also find some of the latest versions for experienced users to try out.
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Please use the group for all communication so that the most appropriate person can respond.

Although primarily used at sailing events and regattas, Sailwave is also used for many other water sports including windsurfing, kite-surfing, ice yachting, land yachts, model boats, archery, and even in virtual world sailing regattas.


  • Runs natively on all versions of Windows.  It can also be run on Linux, Apple Intel-based Macs, and Intel-based Chromebooks Additionally it runs on Apple Silicon-based Macs using Parallels for more info please see this link  Which operating systems
  • No extra programs or licenses are required such as Excel.  Completely self-contained.
  • RYA returns facility. Send elapsed times to the RYA over the Internet. No need to do an annual return!
  • Upload load your results to the Sailwave results folder.
  • Send results to World Sailing using their XML regatta specification.
  • Sailwave is supported via the Sailwave User Group (SUG).
  • World Sailing RRS 2021-2024 Appendix A compliant.
  • Support for languages other than English via locale files, which users can create for themselves or download from this website.
  • Fast results entry via the Sail Number Wizard.
  • Elapsed time, start/finish time, place, and retirement code finishes are all supported.
  • Send your news (reports, results, and photos) directly to the Yachts and Yachting magazine website.
  • Appendix LE Addendum C capability. Flights can be scored with multiple 1sts, 2nds, etc., even if they have been recorded with elapsed times or start/finish times. A series can be set up with qualifying and finals races.
  • Round-robin flights.
  • World Sailing Submission 025 Olympic format medal race capability.
  • Integrated World Sailing Sailor support.
  • Windsurfing tie-break support.
  • Publish to web documents (HTML) for upload to websites or printing or emailing. Integrated support for FTP/SFTP/SSH/FTPS
  • Publish email attachments if you have a MAPI-compliant email client.
  • Publish directly into programs like Microsoft Word and Excel etc.
  • Publish a series summary and/or individual race details (elapsed, corrected, etc.).
  • Publish retirement sheets, competitor lists, alternative penalty sheets, etc.
  • Import race data collected by timing devices via a CSV file.
  • User-definable templates (HTML) and styles (CSS).
  • User-definable rating systems via flexible expressions.
  • Performance feedback in results is based on elapsed times.
  • Initial rating systems include: RYA PY & NHC, USSA PN, SCHRS, Texel, PHRF (TOD & TOT), CHS, IR2000 (IRC & IRM), ECHO, Victorian, General TCF, RORC.
  • User-definable low and high-point scoring systems via flexible expressions.
  • Initial low and high point systems include World Sailing Low Point, Bonus Point, Rinderle B, and Austrian.
  • One-design, handicap, and average lap racing.
  • Flexible scoring: score across all competitors or by fleet, club, nationality, etc.
  • Wind-indexed rating values are available across all rating systems.
  • Support for the RYA National Cruiser Handicap scheme.  Further details are available here.
  • Support for sending Competitors to Racing Rules of Sailing.
  • Support for submitting results to the Irish Sailing Association.


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