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Nationality along side the Flag instead of Underneath

Sailwave allows you to publish flags in place of, or additionally to the Nationality (Nat) this is configured in the Setup – Series Properties – Publishing









Without this new effect, you would see this:-



This standard presentation has the effect of increasing the height of each cell – This can be a nice effect but in some cases where you wish to get more results on a screen or sheet of paper then moving the Nationality to the side can  help








With the effect turned on you get this effect












It can be downloaded from here.
Save it in your custom effects folder as specified in the Setup – Global options- folders – My script folder,  the default for this is

Then when publishing, enable the NatAlongsideFlag effect

Please let me know if this is useful or if you have any other ideas

Centre Burgee Effect

This is a very simple effect that allows you to have a large(r) image at  the top centre of the results instead of an Event Burgee and a Venue Burgee which are normally at the top corners of the published results

Enable this effect and specify either an Event or Venue Burgee – If you specify both you will get two images.

It can be downloaded from here.
Save it in your custom effects folder as specified in the Setup – Global options- folders – My script folder,  the default for this is

Then when publishing, enable the CentreBurgee effect

Version 2.29.0

This is an exciting upgrade for those publishing to their own websites.

This new version now includes a fully integrated support for SFTP, SSH, and FTPS in addition to a new FTP uploader for uploading published results directly to your website.  This was previously only possible if your website or service supported FTP but many are no longer supporting FTP and require SFTP or SSH uploads.  This all now comes built into your favorite scoring program Sailwave.

Documentation is available here:-

In addition to the support for the secure protocols, there have been some other changes.  The Base URL window now works correctly as intended which may mean if you have been using FTP previously and left this blank you will need to insert “./” in this window.  If you have entered a directory path here and been entering it in front of the filename you will no longer need it in front of the filename.
The famous Error 0 no longer applies when you get an error uploading to your website, you should now get a more informative message such as authentication failure meaning your username or password is incorrect. Note an access error means you don’t have permissions.

This is a full install and also includes

  • the changes in 2.28.14 (see Beta releases) plus
  • Increase buffer size for the format of columns to allow larger HTML formating from 150 to 500 chars – This allows the creation of links on any column – see user group for detail
  • Increase buffer size for Fleet name to 40 from 20 in Main competitor edit window
  • Increase entry size for Venue and Event burgees from 100 to 255 chars to allow long URL’s to be used

Please report any issues and I will try to fix them

You can download Version 2.29.0 from the link below.

For Mac and other operating systems read
Other Operating systems

Any difficulties please ask on the chat or User Group

Upload of published results FTP SFTP SSH FTPS

Sailwave incorporates built-in FTP for uploading of the Sailwave generated results to either the Sailwave results folder hosted on the Sailwave server (No configuration needed)  or to your own website.

From version 2.29.0 Sailwave also incorporates fully integrated support for SFTP and SSH and FTPS in addition to FTP

The configuration is in Setup – Global Options – FTP


Enter the IP address or name of your server e.g. or

Base URL

Here you can enter the path to the directory that your results will be stored in e.g.
Note – directories(Folders) must exist when writing files to them otherwise it will return an error that it is not found
If you wish to write directly to the home folder put ./ in the base url

Folders can also be included as a prefix to the filename when publishing.  So if your base URL was media/results you could prefix the filename with a folder e.g. 2021/myresults.htm

If you leave the base URL empty then the directory is the root directory and you would have to supply a full path in front of the filename when publishing

Note that the Base URL was not fully implemented in pre 2.29.0 versions of Sailwave so if you have been using the FTP upload previously you will probably need to add ./ here or modify the prefix in front of the filename.  But with 2.29.0 onwards you can specify a prefix and don’t need to specify it with the filename.

Directories/Folders must exist and you must have permissions to write to them otherwise it reports an error.


Here you need to enter a username which will be set by your webmaster or hosting company. Different usernames may have different permissions and their home directory may be different.
e.g ScorersUpload    or   admin


This password should be that supplied by the webmaster or hosting company.


This is the port used to connect to the remote computer
For SSH or SFTP protocol use 22
For FTPS use 990
For FTP you can leave blank and it will use 21 or specify a custom port number other than 22 or 990

Use Passive Transfer

This currently is only used for the transfer to the Sailwave results folder


To publish to FTP or SFTP or SSH or FTPS select the Destination as shown below

You can click the preview to see the file you are publishing in your browser.  If you are happy you can then enter a filename


This is the filename that will be used for the name of the file on your server
e.g.  myresults    –   This will upload a file myresults.htm to the directory specified by the configuration described previously
e.g. results/2011/myresults.html  –  This will upload a file myresults.html to the directory as specified in the configuration within the subdirectories results/2011

Modify connection settings

You can click this button at anytime prior to publishing to take you directly to the configuration page to Check or Modify the settings

Please feel free to contact us or ask on the Sailwave User Group if you need assistance configuring.

Updated Ratings available in Rating Library

Thank you to Huw who has created new Sailwave rating files for 2021 from the original sources

Not much changed this year due to the Covid-19 situation

  • 2021 RYA PN List – no changes to rating values just changes of year dates
  • 2021 RYA Limited Data PN List – one change of rating for National 18
  • 2021 SCHRS – no changes for 2021 so same as 2020
  • 2021 SCHRS PN Lookalike – no changes for 2021 so same as 2020
  • 2020-2021 Great Lakes Handicap List – this was updated in October

Downloads are available from

Version 2.28.14

This is a  .exe only please install the full version 2.28.11 and then replace the Sailwave.exe with the one from the end of this post.

The major change in this version is the publishing of individual races when using a personal handicap system such as NHC.
There is a competitor-based field “NewRating” which is the rating that will be used for the next race and it was intended for publishing in Series results.  If you published it in individual race tables then it was confusing.  Because let’s say we have had 6 races and publish race 1 the NewRating published would still be the rating for Race 7.  So now it will publish the rating for R2 (or whatever the next race that was run)

As some users use NewRating for other things if they are not using a Personal handicap, Sailwave will detect this and use it as a user-configurable field.

Other changes are

  • Corrected an issue with the extra competitor fields Group and Region – Renaming them was not working correctly and double-clicking in the main grid did not take you to the correct place to edit them.
  • SailNo wizard – the dropdown box to select the field to use now has a scroll bar

Please report any issues and I will try to fix them

You can download Version 2.28.14  from the link below.  Note this is an exe only.

Please do a full install of 2.28.11 if you don’t have it already and replace the Sailwave.exe with this file. You may if you wish to rename the original Sailwave.exe to say sailwave2-28-11.exe so you can revert to it if you wish (see below)


ezTrap 21.1.1

To Download this version please click the link at the end of this section

Last Page update  14-01-2021 Jon

This is an update to V21.

The latest version of ezTrap has two new functions along with minor cosmetic improvements.

  • The Trap6 course now has a template function that can be activated by the end-user. Each template has three generic Trap6 racecourses with different Target Race Times along with BRGs and distances for each mark;
  • All courses now have an ‘Export’ function that creates a separate Excel spreadsheet with the current Course Display. The exported spreadsheet can then be immediately sent to smartphones, printed, or further processed;
  • The Yacht Club course now has a provision for adding Port or Starboard roundings. Also, a minor bug fix that now allows a mark to be named ‘X’;
  • The Trap6, WL, and Opti courses now have the Wind-up or North-up course plot orientation options.
  • The User’s Manual has also been updated.

For more information on ezTrap please see the release notes on the download page

The new release was authored by Ed Bottrell who is phasing out his involvement with ezTrap. Huw Pearce will be providing end-user support and Jon Eskdale  technical support as needed. If you are interested in providing ongoing support or development, please let Huw and Jon know of your interest.

It can be downloaded from

VERSION 2.28.11

To Download this version please click the link at the end of this section

Last Page update 02-12-2020 Jon

For changes since the last full install  please also see the changes in the Download Beta for 2.28.3 and 2.28.7

  • Changes as per
    2.28.3 and 2.28.7
  • Importing results from CSV improved – If there is no Start time specified in the import CSV it will look up if it matches the conditions for a start in the race and uses the times specified.
  • Added the ability to import  Race Name, Date, and Time.  The instructions on the Sailwave website have been updated please see
  • Updated the link generated for linking to results uploaded to the Sailwave results folder.
  • Updated PYonline link
  • Increased size of Notes allowed when publishing
  • Added the NSC code for when a boat doesn’t sail the course as per World Sailing RRS 2021
  • Added Windows message support for Add and Delete races
  • New Effects are included in the install
  • This version is digitally signed with a certificate.

This update is supplied as a full install containing the Sailwave.exe version 2.28.11.    You need to download from the link below and run the installer.  If you have any issues installing please try running the installer as administrator by right-clicking the sw2_28_11.exe file and selecting run as administrator.

If you want to run the World Sailing (ISAF) interface with Wine or on a Mac please see instructions on the Sailwave User Group.

Version 2.28.11 can be downloaded from

For Mac and other operating systems see above and read
Other Operating systems

Image background Effect

This effect allows a background image (it doesn’t have to be a photo) to be applied to the results as an effect so you can turn it on or off as simply as selecting the effect.  You can also specify the image to use and save it with the series.

You can of course simply add an image using CSS, to any of the existing styles by editing the Style and saving it as a custom style (see the Sailwave User Group for the sample that Keith kindly supplied).  This effect however allows you to add a background image to any of the styles without having to edit the style.  And publish with or without it at will.

It has a default image (you can modify the default image simply by editing the effect) but it also allows you to specify the image to use at the time of publishing and this is stored with the series so that each series can have a different background image.

As a sample, you could have something like this








It can be combined with other effects such as HighlightWins3v3 if required

How to change the image at publishing time without editing any files.
This is done by adding the path to the image in the publish notes.
You can still add notes as normal but if you add a line starting with
<!BG   and ending with > e.g.
This line will not appear in the published results but it is passed to the effect.  You must of course tick the box to publish notes even if the image path is the only thing in the notes.










It can be downloaded from here.
Save it in your custom effects folder as specified in the Setup – Global options- folders – My script folder,  the default for this is

Have fun….
Try the example <!BG> and post a reply in the user group if you know where the picture is taken – I know some of you will.

Hover Effect for Summary and Race Tables (Jon)

This effect allows the row where the cursor is to be highlighted by changing its color as you move the cursor around and over the summary and race tables.

You can of course simply add the hover effect to the style by adding one or two lines of CSS and some of the styles do have this implemented already.  This is an effect which you can turn on or off at the point of publishing by selecting the Hover effect implementing it as Javascript .  The colour is a rather boring grey so that it works with all the different styles available but feel free to change your copy if you wish.

It can be combined with other effects such as HighlightWins3v3 if required





It can be downloaded from here.
Save it in your custom effects folder as specified in the Setup – Global options- folders – My script folder, the default for this is