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Hover Effect for Summary and Race Tables (Jon)

This effect allows the row where the cursor is to be highlighted by changing its color as you move the cursor around and over the summary and race tables.

You can of course simply add the hover effect to the style by adding one or two lines of CSS and some of the styles do have this implemented already.  This is an effect which you can turn on or off at the point of publishing by selecting the Hover effect implementing it as Javascript .  The colour is a rather boring grey so that it works with all the different styles available but feel free to change your copy if you wish.

It can be combined with other effects such as HighlightWins3v3 if required





It can be downloaded from here.
Save it in your custom effects folder as specified in the Setup – Global options- folders – My script folder, the default for this is

Sailwave 2.28.7

Version 2.28.7 has been around for a little while with some users that have been testing and I’m happy that it is stable so it’s not strictly a Beta but it is only a .exe which you can replace the existing Sailwave.exe file see the post below if you need details of how to do this

  • The user group link in Sailwave has been updated to the new Forum
  • You can add additional info or comments in the CSV as it now ignores lines starting with ; after the header-line
  • When importing results from a CSV file it will automatically remove the excluded flag for a competitor if they are marked as Excluded.
  • It is now possible to import the rating for a specific race
A rating column can now be mapped to RaceRating (Maybe better to name the column RaceRating)
The image below may help explain
When the results are imported the Rating is imported to the rating for that race.
Additionally, if the Competitors default rating is empty and these are results for race 1 then the default rating is set to match that of Race 1

You can download Version 2.28.7  from the link below.  Note this is an exe only.

Please do a full install of 2.28.2 if you don’t have it already and replace the Sailwave.exe with this file renaming it to Sailwave.exe
You may if you wish to rename the original Sailwave.exe to say sailwave2-28-2.exe so you can revert to it if you wish (see below)


Sailwave acquires ezTrap

Sailwave (, the premier sailing results/scoring application for windows has acquired ezTrap, a unique MS Excel© based application for designing and managing sailboat racecourses. As with Sailwave, ezTrap is available as a free download for unrestricted use.

ezTrap has been available since 2009 and is in use by Race Officers around the world for Trapezoid, Windward/Leeward, Optimist; RS:X Slalom; 505 Worlds, Triangle, and Lipton Cup courses along with a flexible ‘round the buoys’ course for Yacht Clubs and other sailing associations.

Two of the biggest challenges with sailboat racing are significantly improved with ezTrap – set-up time and accuracy. To the best of our knowledge, it is the only app that instantly:

  • Provides Latitudes & Longitudes of all Marks & Pins;
  • Calculates BRGs & Distance of all Marks & Pins to/from RC Signals Boat;
  • Estimates sailing times by leg; and,
  • Scales up/down the course to meet Target Race Times for multiple fleets.

ezTrap was developed and supported by Ed Bottrell, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, and will continue to be available from his website until the end of February 2021. Ed has retired and is pleased that Sailwave will continue to provide downloads and support through the Sailwave User Group. Future development and enhancements are possible with current and future Sailwave volunteers.

You can download the full version of ezTrap for free from the Download section of the Sailwave Website.  If you are just curious you can view the User Manual from the same section.

There is a new section in the Forum for ezTrap support – If you have any questions or suggestions please post them there.



ezTrap V21

Page updated 14tj January 2021 by Jon

Please use the Sailwave User Forum if you have any question or require support on ezTrap

ezTrap web page

This is the download for the full ezTrap system.  The zip file contains the Microsoft Excel app and the user manual.  You can download Version 21 of ezTrap from the link below

If you would just like to view the user manual you can
Click on the image below








A Manual template for the ezTrap trapezoid 6 course can be viewed and printed/saved from here









You may also view this short document that may help you work with Latitudes & Longitudes when setting marks.







This is also available as a PowerPoint slide show (.ppsx) Essential Navigation v21.ppsx



A new version of Sailwave which introduces some new features

  • Changes have been made to make sub-windows open normally within the area of the main program – this is most useful when you are running with multiple monitors as previously all sub-windows would open on the primary screen although they could be dragged to other screens.  With this version, it should work well even if the Sailwave application is on both screens.
  • Additional information is added to the Help – Log file so as to display the rating file names that the ratings are being loaded from.  It then also displays the total ratings that it has after each one so you can determine how many are being loaded from each file if you wish.

Please report any issues and I will try to fix them

You can download Version 2.28.3  from the link below.  Note this is an exe only.

Please do a full install of 2.28.2 if you don’t have it already and replace the Sailwave.exe with this file renaming it to Sailwave.exe
You may if you wish to rename the original Sailwave.exe to say sailwave2-28-2.exe so you can revert to it if you wish (see below)

VERSION 2.28.2

To Download this version please click the link at the end of this section

Last Page update 07-04-2020 Jon

This is a minor update to 2.28.1 but the installer has been updated to include the Updated PY ratings and an example template for use with the RYA virtual racing.

  • This version is digitally signed with a certificate.  Hopefully, it will reduce the number of false positives that are generated by anti-virus software.  You will at least be guaranteed that no one has tampered with the install file.
  • Fixed templates for Autoscaling of Burgee images when using Publish Results V2

This update is supplied as a full install containing the Sailwave.exe version 2.28.2.    You need to download from the link below and run the installer.  If you have any issues installing please try running the installer as administrator by right-clicking the sw2_28_2.exe file and selecting run as administrator.

If you want to run the World Sailing (ISAF) interface with Wine or on a Mac please see instructions on the Sailwave User Group.

It can be downloaded from

For Mac and other operating systems see above and read
Other Operating systems