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Sailwave site now uses https

The Sailwave site now uses the https secure protocol for its communication.  You will now see the locked padlock in the address bar when using the Sailwave site.  SSL certificates are courtesy of LetsEncrypt.  Some of the major browsers are expected to give warnings on any site that allows input from next month and also non ssl sites will be ranked lower.  This upgrade should avoid these issues for users.

Version 2.23.4

Download link

For a windows install use the following link:-

For a use as a portable app which can be used on a USB memory stick, please download version 2.9.7 below.

Note: If you are re-installing Sailwave, all files and folders in the install directory are removed prior to installation.  Please make backups as needed.  Under normal circumstances this is not necessary – you should never need to change or add files in the Sailwave install directory. Please use the Browse Sailwave Data to see the Sailwave user changeable files


Version 2.23.4 has been available to users for sometime now who follow the Sailwave User Group and has proven to be stable and with many new features since added since 2.19.8
Changes since the previous release (2.19.8) includes the following:-

  • Enhanced highlighting of the top 3 competitors – This now even works for high-point scoring. Use the effect HighlightWins3v3, or you can still use HighlightWins3 if you are using flights where ranking can be not appropriate.
  • New Installer which adds shortcuts to the Sailwave data – If you don’t wish to the have Sailwave data link on the Desktop simply delete it.
  • Ability to publish results as points with the trailing ‘0’s suppress so results become 1 2 3 instead of 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 – Choose which you prefer
  • Publish results in XML format – see Plugin Menu
  • Improvements to Online PY submission to RYA including supporting new date formats
  • Probably some I’ve forgotten
  • Some minor bugs and cosmetic changes

TableSorter (Jon)

2018/04/16 Updated to version 1.2 to work with https websites

This effect allows the sorting of the columns for the results summary tables and sort indicators are added to the column headers.   Columns are sorted alphabetically except the race columns which have a custom parser to make them numeric – so even if a result is discarded and the number is in brackets it will use the numeric value within the cell.  Click on the column header to sort any column.  Clicking it a second time will reverse the sorting.  If you are using a PC to view then you can sort on multiple columns by holding down the control key while you select the next column.  Or use the Alt key to reset the sort (You can always click on the Rank column header to reset also)

It can be combined with the HighlightWins3 if required





It can be downloaded from here.