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TableSorter (Jon)

2018/04/16 Updated to version 1.2 to work with https websites

This effect allows the sorting of the columns for the results summary tables and sort indicators are added to the column headers.   Columns are sorted alphabetically except the race columns which have a custom parser to make them numeric – so even if a result is discarded and the number is in brackets it will use the numeric value within the cell.  Click on the column header to sort any column.  Clicking it a second time will reverse the sorting.  If you are using a PC to view then you can sort on multiple columns by holding down the control key while you select the next column.  Or use the Alt key to reset the sort (You can always click on the Rank column header to reset also)

It can be combined with the HighlightWins3 if required





It can be downloaded from here.

HighlightWins3 (Jon)

This effect highlights the first 3 places in the series summary tables in different colours.  It is an extension of Colin’s HighlightWins effect.  It can be used as it is or you can examine the code to see how only the race columns are manipulated (1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 will not be highlighted in other columns or the table header).  It will also highlight the results even if they are discarded as it uses a regular expression to match the points for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  The colours by default match those of stickers commonly used to denote these positions, but you can edit the colours to those of your choice.



It can be downloaded from here.

Updated to V1.6 30th August 2015 Changed Regular expression used – Jon


VERSION 2.19.8

Download link

For a windows install use the following link:-

For a use as a portable app which can be used on a USB memory stick, please download version 2.9.7 below.

Note: If you are re-installing Sailwave, all files and folders in the install directory are removed prior to installation.  Please make backups as needed.  Under normal circumstances this is not necessary – you should never need to change or add files in the Sailwave install directory.


Changes since the previous release (2.19.4) includes the following:-

  • Fix an issue where average points are being calculated and the competitor has no place or time entered.  Issue was a result of a fix in 2.19.1 for negative corrected time in PHRF.  (Negative corrected times will be addressed in a later release)
  • Limit SCP to maximum of DNF for the case of percentage using biggest start in any race.
  • Enhancements to Effects (scripts) so that it is no longer necessary to load jQuery explicitly and dependencies can be auto loaded.
  • Help buttons on the Publish wizard for Styles and Effects which take you to the Sailwave website and the libraries.
  • Some cosmetic improvements – mostly noticeable under Window 10.

Please let me have any feedback and request so that we can continue to improve Sailwave