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Version 2.6.0

You can download the zipped version of the exe for Version 2.6.0 from the following link

Colin has been busy doing some changes for this version to allow the very easy translation of published output – Note the  zip file contains 2 files the results.htm goes into your Template directory.

Based on Version 2.5.9 with the following changes

  • This Version removes the JavaScript and allows for easy Translation of the fixed text on the published output by the use of the Template files. Full details are available at the following link


Details of the classes to allow formatting changes will follow shortly

Version 2.5.9

You can download the zipped version of the exe for Version 2.5.9 from the following link

Based on Version 2.5.7 with the following changes

  • Added the message to notify users “More crew tabs are available to use Setup – Extra competitor fields” as suggested by Andy
  • Enhanced the “Hide fields unused by all competitors” to work on all tabs instead of just first tab.  Makes look nice and clean and less frightening for the less experienced users, but also helps experienced users as its much easier to check you have entered everything.