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ezTrap allows sailboat Race Officers to quickly and accurately design and set race courses.

ezTrap 21.1.1

To Download this version please click the link at the end of this section

Last Page update  14-01-2021 Jon

This is an update to V21.

The latest version of ezTrap has two new functions along with minor cosmetic improvements.

  • The Trap6 course now has a template function that can be activated by the end-user. Each template has three generic Trap6 racecourses with different Target Race Times along with BRGs and distances for each mark;
  • All courses now have an ‘Export’ function that creates a separate Excel spreadsheet with the current Course Display. The exported spreadsheet can then be immediately sent to smartphones, printed, or further processed;
  • The Yacht Club course now has a provision for adding Port or Starboard roundings. Also, a minor bug fix that now allows a mark to be named ‘X’;
  • The Trap6, WL, and Opti courses now have the Wind-up or North-up course plot orientation options.
  • The User’s Manual has also been updated.

For more information on ezTrap please see the release notes on the download page

The new release was authored by Ed Bottrell who is phasing out his involvement with ezTrap. Huw Pearce will be providing end-user support and Jon Eskdale  technical support as needed. If you are interested in providing ongoing support or development, please let Huw and Jon know of your interest.

It can be downloaded from

ezTrap V21

Page updated 14tj January 2021 by Jon

Please use the Sailwave User Forum if you have any question or require support on ezTrap

ezTrap web page

This is the download for the full ezTrap system.  The zip file contains the Microsoft Excel app and the user manual.  You can download Version 21 of ezTrap from the link below

If you would just like to view the user manual you can
Click on the image below








A Manual template for the ezTrap trapezoid 6 course can be viewed and printed/saved from here









You may also view this short document that may help you work with Latitudes & Longitudes when setting marks.







This is also available as a PowerPoint slide show (.ppsx) Essential Navigation v21.ppsx