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New 2018 RYA PN Ratings available for download

The new 2018 Portsmouth Numbers are available for download from the rating file library of the Sailwave website.

There is also a historic file of ratings for classes  which have not received enough feedback to be included in this years updated ratings.  You can load multiple files with Sailwave if you place them in your ratings directory.

SCHRS and SCHRS PN equivalents have also been updated for 2018

You can examine and edit these file with a text editor or compatible spreadsheet.

Thanks to Huw Pearce for supplying the files


Australian Sailing Yardsticks update

Thanks to Brian Chapman, there are new Australian Sailing Yardsticks available in the Rating library.  I’ve attached a copy of his email below as this gives a good update on the naming used.  I haven’t currently changed the internals of Sailwave so you can still use these with the Sailwave version you are using – but please lookout for changes in the future.
Oh and thanks Brian for the compliment!

The yardsticks table was originally known as the Victorian Yachting Council (VYC) yardsticks table and more recently as Yachting Victoria Yardsticks.

You may or may not be aware that Sailing administration in Australia has undergone an extensive re-structuring over the past few years, with individual State Associations (such as the Victorian Yachting Council – more recently known as Yachting Victoria) having now been incorporated under the Sailing Australia banner (previously known as Yachting Australia).

Consequently, the long standing VYC yardsticks table has had 2 recent name changes – firstly to “Yachting Victoria yardsticks” and now, for the past 2 years,  “Australian Sailing yardsticks”.

I’ve been responsible for several years now for maintaining and updating the AS otb Catamaran yardstick table and before that the YV and VYC Catamaran yardstick tables. I’m also the Australian Sailing representative on the SCHRS World Council.

The purpose of this email is to provide Sailwave users (primarily in Australia and New Zealand) an easy to source and download up to date “ratings file” for AS yardsticks for otb Dinghies and Catamarans + selected keelboats.

I have no objections should you wish to “hardwire” Sailwave for an “AS” ratings file in lieu of “VY”. However, many (if not most) Aussie sailors/clubs still refer to the yardsticks table as VYC, so if you wish to leave “VY” in place that is fine too.

Best Regards and thanks for what is probably the finest Sail boat racing results program available, in my humble opinion.

Sailwave site now uses https

The Sailwave site now uses the https secure protocol for its communication.  You will now see the locked padlock in the address bar when using the Sailwave site.  SSL certificates are courtesy of LetsEncrypt.  Some of the major browsers are expected to give warnings on any site that allows input from next month and also non ssl sites will be ranked lower.  This upgrade should avoid these issues for users.