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Polish locale for Sailwave

A big thanks to Marcin Klikowicz who has submitted a Polish translation for Sailwave. This can be found in the Downloads – Locale’s section.  This adds to the other 7 locales that are available in the download section.  Marcin’s Polish version will work on earlier versions of Sailwave although to get the best benefit you need to be running 2.13.3 or later as these newer versions support the character sets necessary for Polish.  The later versions of Sailwave also allow more fields to be translated, so if anyone is up for updating some of the other languages – please feel free. Thanks

New Sailwave server

The Sailwave website is now hosted on a Heart Internet VPS.  As such all FTP details have changed.  This will resolve the issue of FTP auto locking every 30 days and me forgetting to unlock it.  To successfully check for new versions or upload to the Sailwave results folder as of 4th April 2012, you must use version 2.5 or later.

New website


Welcome to the new Sailwave website.

My focus is currently getting Sailwave for Windows working well with the latest versions of Windows 7 and under Wine HQ for Linux and Mac.  Please subscribe to the Sailwave User Group for detailed chit chat or post a comment here. Continue reading New website