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Finish time entry with sail number wizard

From version 2.8.3 entry of finish times within the sail number wizard have been changed to optimize the quick entry of data.  Rules for entry in the other areas have not changed and are covered under the previous section.

  • Finishing times  such as 123456 will get “:”‘s entered automatically so it becomes 12:34:56.
  • Finishing times entered in this format are checked and you get an error beep and prompted to re-enter if the hour > 23, minute > 59 or second > 59.
  • You don’t need to enter a leading 0 so 92345 becomes 09:23:45.
  • You don’t need to enter trailing seconds if it is an exact minute so 923 becomes 09:23:00.
  • You don’t need to enter trailing minutes for an exact hour so 9 becomes 09:00:00.

Elapsed time extensions for sailno wizard

As of version 2.8.3, the completely numeric form of the elapsed time syntax is extended as described below.  To force the standard interpretation (seconds) use a + prefix. The extended formats are converted by Sailwave into standard form and appear in the results as such.  When doing this conversion a semicolon separator is assumed.  Other standard formats are unaffected and can still be used.

mss 0m:ss
mmss mm:ss
hmmss 0h:mm:ss
hhmmss hh:mm:ss
dhhmmss 0d:hh:mm:ss
ddhhmmss dd:hh:mm:ss

The following constraints are applied, resulting in a single beep if broken:-

0 < ss < 60
0 < mm < 100 (no hours specified)
0 < mm < 60 (hours specified)
0 < hh < 100 (no days specified)
0 < hh < 24 (days specified)


+123 = 123
123 = 1:23
12345 = 1:23:45