Centre Burgee Effect

This is a very simple effect that allows you to have a large(r) image at  the top centre of the results instead of an Event Burgee and a Venue Burgee which are normally at the top corners of the published results

Enable this effect and specify either an Event or Venue Burgee – If you specify both you will get two images.

It can be downloaded from here.
Save it in your custom effects folder as specified in the Setup – Global options- folders – My script folder,  the default for this is

Then when publishing, enable the CentreBurgee effect

3 thoughts on “Centre Burgee Effect”

  1. I’m having difficulties with the centre burgee effect. I have a regatta coming up and we want to put the sponsor’s logo on the results. I’ve pasted the JavaScript into the effects folder and can see the enable effects button on the publish window, but where do I put the link to the logo gif? There’s nothing on the Series Properties Window. Thanks very much.

  2. Hi Trevor – Put the link to the image where you would normally put the Venue burgee
    Instead of it appearing to the right or left at the top it will appear in the middle if you use this effect

  3. Jon,
    I’ve got the burgee’s straightened out, there was an issue with file names requiring all lower case, and I have the CentreBurgee.js file installed, but now I can’t find where to enable the effect.


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