Command line options

Sailwave can be started form the command line with a small number of options:-


Open the specified file.  The file name can be an absolute path or a path relative to where the command is issued.  Enclose file in double-quotes if it contains spaces.


Use the specified file as a pro-forma to create a new file.  i.e. you can then simply use File+SaveAs to save the series to a new file.  Enclose file in double-quotes if it contains spaces.


Start the new file dialog.


This is useful if you travel a lot and want to use Sailwave from a memory stick without affecting the computers you are using.  Global options are read and written to a sailwave.ini file, which resides on the stick (as opposed to the Windows registry) and file open dialogs default to the stick rather than My Documents for example.  You can simplify further by creating a shortcut on the stick with this option added.


Moves the Sailwave frame window right and down by n pixels.  Sailwave itself uses this when opening more than one file at a time.