What devices and what operating systems can I run Sailwave on?

Last Update by Jon 14/02/2022

Sailwave is primarily a Windows app and typically it is run on a Windows Laptop or Desktop.  It runs on XP, Vista, Windows 7,  Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 and Windows 11.  Sailwave is a 32 bit App but runs fine on Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11 64 bit operating systems.

You can also run Sailwave on Windows Tablets but not tablets that run Windows RT.

It can be run on an Apple Mac or MacBook using various methods.
PlayonMac is free and many users have used it very successfully.
If you are looking for a Free solution give PlayonMac a try.  Crossover is a commercial product that has a free trial period and is low cost if you decide to purchase it.

It is also possible to dual boot most Intel-based Apple Mac’s with OSx or Windows but this requires Obtaining a Windows license.

You can also run Windows on your Mac using Parallels but again this requires a license. This works great on all the Macs both Intel and Apple Silicon (M1) I personally have Sailwave running on an Apple Silicon Mac with Windows 11 and it runs perfectly.  If you already have either of these options on your Mac then install and run Sailwave as you would any other Windows App.  There are some details of installing a free Virtual Machine on the Sailwave Facebook page.

If you are using the Catalina, Big Sur or Monterey version of the MacOS see this section

For Mac OS Catalina – Apple removed support for 32bit applications which prevents it running many applications such as Winebottler however you can use
PlayonMac  https://www.playonmac.com/en/ or 
Crossover https://www.codeweavers.com/products/crossover-mac – see the Sailwave User Group  forum.sailingresults.co.uk for support, but don’t forget you can always run Sailwave on any old PC and use the Chrome Remote Desktop (https://remotedesktop.google.com/access ) to use it on your Mac – it does work really well.


For some of the older Intel based Macs running the OS prior to Catalina  WineBottler will allow you to run Sailwave on your Mac free of charge.   For more details please see the Sailwave User Group which contains links to a video.  Note – when the video was produced you had to use the Beta version of WineBottler but the standard version is now fully capable of running Sailwave.

There is a commercial product similar to WineBottler called Crossover which has a free trial period and can be purchased for a small amount.  Some users feel this is easier than WineBottler if you are not very technical.

Sailwave can also be run on Intel-based  Chromebooks with the use of Crossover for Chromebooks.  Please see the Sailwave User Group for details of how a user install Sailwave on a Chromebook

You can run Sailwave on Linux PC’s by using Wine to emulate Windows.

You can also run Sailwave on a Webserver (Windows or React) that you own.  (contact jon@sailwave.com for more details).

You can’t run Sailwave on an iPad/iPhone or Android tablet but you can view the output of Sailwave on these devices.  It is not recommended as the most usable option, but it is possible to run Sailwave on a PC somewhere (or Webserver) and then use Chrome Remote Desktop or similar ( https://remotedesktop.google.com/access ) installed on the PC, then on the iPad/iPhone or Android device install the App to connect to the PC and control the Sailwave running on the PC.  It is useable but not as convenient as running on a Laptop.

There is at least one user who has been developing an Android app to collect the data which can be imported into Sailwave later.

Recent versions of Sailwave have a messaging system built-in which allows data to be sent to and extracted from Sailwave by other apps.  One user has developed a system where the entries can be directly entered into Sailwave from a Web-based registration and also results can be entered into a web page (Typically on a Tablet or iPad) These results are then entered into Sailwave automatically via the messaging system.


14 thoughts on “What devices and what operating systems can I run Sailwave on?”

  1. WineBottler makes it an easy install though – The effort of developing and maintaining two versions would be too much. Also an Apple Laptop and Apple tablet are different operating systems where as Windows Desktop and Tablet are the same.

  2. This is covered in the main post
    “You can’t run Sailwave on an iPad or Android tablet but you can view the output of Sailwave on these devices.”

  3. Hi Frank – I’m afraid Windows RT is not a true Windows operating system as it doesn’t run on an Intel Processor. So only special programs will run on it. I’m sorry to say but Windows RT is dead you really need to get a Laptop or Tablet that runs true Windows.

  4. I’m using sail wave on my Mac (with wine) but don’t seem to be able to put the rating folder of 2018 onto the program.
    What am I doing wrong?
    Thank you Ulli

  5. Hi Ulli – I’m sorry but I don’t have a Mac – If you ask in the Sailwave User Group, I’m sure someone with a Mac will be able to help you.
    What I can say though is if you go to Settings – Global Options – Folders you can specify where it will look for the ratings files.


  6. Why doesn’t SailWave run on the Web, like Yacth Scoring or other scoring programs? It eliminates the problem of operating systems.

  7. Hi Marcia, There are several reasons why:
    1 is cost, Yacht scoring charge $10 per entry for a regatta or single race for a 60 entry regatta that would be $600 – Sailwave is completely free – if you would like to pay us $600 then we will supply you a Web version of Sailwave not just for a single event but for a whole year.
    2 is Use in any location. To use Yacht scoring or similar you have to have a very reliable internet connection, which depending upon which country you are in is not always possible. Although Internet is now common at many clubs this is commonly overloaded and fails when there is a major event in progress because it is not provisioned to work with the load at a major event. I’ve scored several World championships where being able to continue scoring without reliable internet has been a saver.
    3 being a free program then we can’t afford to maintain multiple versions. It is possible to run Sailwave on any windows PC and it requires very little resources so even an old laptop which would not normally be in general use is very capable of running Sailwave. It will run on Windows, Macs and Linux
    Hope that helps – If you would like to purchase a web version of Sailwave we will be very happy to supply you with one.

  8. Have you ever thought of running sailwave as a cloud based software rather than a download. that way MAC and windows users would be able to access equally well.

    Also any updates you made would not need to be downloaded you would just push them through each time.

  9. have a chrome laptop can you send me a link or give details on downloading and using sailwave please

  10. If you have a Chrome OS laptop then it depends if it is an Intel or Arm processor
    If it is Intel you can probably install the Crossover software mention on this page and then you can install Sailwave
    For further assistance please use the Sailwave User Group

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