Effect library

Needs Sailwave version 2.19.5 or later.

Effects are scripts written in Javascript that increase the functionality of the published pages.  For example they may scroll the page or re-arrange how the tables are displayed.  Some effects are more passive in that they may just visually enhance the published content.   They can be selected and included when publishing in Sailwave.

Some of the effects listed below are included in the Sailwave install.  If there is one you wish to use form the library and it’s not showing up in the selection list, or you wish to tweak it or use a later version, please read this Publishing FAQ to setup your own effects folder.

If the effect source code is presented in the library entry, copy the code into a text file in your effects folder giving it a file name as shown in the name= line of the effect (it will have a .js extension).  Alternatively, if a link to a file is provided, right-click on the link and save to your effects folder (click to view).

Some effects are dependent on other effects that need to be loaded before them; check the dependencies= line and read the library entry carefully.

If there is contact information within the code or the library entry, the author has agreed to be contacted.  If you would like to contribute an effect please read this Publishing FAQ and then contact jon@sailwave.com when it’s working.

The most recently modified effects appear at the top of the list.

6 thoughts on “Effect library”

  1. Note – the HighlightWins & HighlightWins3 effects only work with Low points not scoring.
    For Highpoint scoring and most lowpoint scoring you should use HighlightWins3V3

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