ezTrap 21.1.1

To Download this version please click the link at the end of this section

Last Page update  14-01-2021 Jon

This is an update to V21.

The latest version of ezTrap has two new functions along with minor cosmetic improvements.

  • The Trap6 course now has a template function that can be activated by the end-user. Each template has three generic Trap6 racecourses with different Target Race Times along with BRGs and distances for each mark;
  • All courses now have an ‘Export’ function that creates a separate Excel spreadsheet with the current Course Display. The exported spreadsheet can then be immediately sent to smartphones, printed, or further processed;
  • The Yacht Club course now has a provision for adding Port or Starboard roundings. Also, a minor bug fix that now allows a mark to be named ‘X’;
  • The Trap6, WL, and Opti courses now have the Wind-up or North-up course plot orientation options.
  • The User’s Manual has also been updated.

For more information on ezTrap please see the release notes on the download page https://www.sailwave.com/category/download-eztrap.

The new release was authored by Ed Bottrell who is phasing out his involvement with ezTrap. Huw Pearce huw@sailwave.com will be providing end-user support and Jon Eskdale jon@sailwave.com  technical support as needed. If you are interested in providing ongoing support or development, please let Huw and Jon know of your interest.

It can be downloaded from


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