ezTrap V21

Page updated 14tj January 2021 by Jon

Please use the Sailwave User Forum if you have any question or require support on ezTrap

ezTrap web page

This is the download for the full ezTrap system.  The zip file contains the Microsoft Excel app and the user manual.  You can download Version 21 of ezTrap from the link below

https://www.Sailwave.com/download/ezTrap/ezTrap v21.0.zip

If you would just like to view the user manual you can
Click on the image below








A Manual template for the ezTrap trapezoid 6 course can be viewed and printed/saved from here









You may also view this short document that may help you work with Latitudes & Longitudes when setting marks.







This is also available as a PowerPoint slide show (.ppsx)
https://www.Sailwave.com/download/ezTrap/ezTrap Essential Navigation v21.ppsx


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