Sailwave supports flights as an advanced feature, but to make it simpler for the normal user where flights are not used, they are not shown unless you enable them by ticking the box, in the Setup – User Interface – Appendix LE addendum C

Flights are stored for each competitor and each race.
There is also a Flights field which belongs to the competitor which is their current flight.

Flight allocation can be easily viewed by using

View Flight assignments

Flight allocation is normally done using the Tools – Flight assignments

Flight assignment tool

Tooltips are available to assist you.

You can also use the Tools – Set competitor field to set flights

Tools setting flights

From version 2.25.5 onwards it is also possible to import flights from a csv file.  This uses the File – Import results from csv file…

Typically you would have a csv something like this:-

sample flight allocation csv

You don’t have to use Sailno you can use anything that uniquely identifies the competitor which may be multiple columns

Import of flights




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  1. Jon,

    You email of today announcing this info on Flights has an issue in that the only link that comes to this page is the one within your “singanture line as below:-

    Jon | March 19, 2018 at 11:06 am | URL:

    The other two links .. Read More and Flights do not seem to point to the correct post.

    Or i have something wrong my end,

    John W

  2. Hi John – Thanks for noticing this. The link it generated is “” but as is now a secure site it should have generated is “” (I’ve modified it to send any future emails using https: I hope).
    What is strange is if you enter “” into the address bar it redirects correctly – I have no idea why it doesn’t redirect correctly, but at least the other link works and it should be fixed for future posts

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