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  1. Hello – Is it possible to get sailwave to show the change of a boat results from the end of race day one to the end of race day two? I want to make a daily Price for the boat in the series that have made the higst improvment on the scoreboard??

  2. Viktor – The very easy way is to use the Venue or Event Burgee. Point one of these to your logo or even use an image editor to combine multiple images into a single image and use this. You can also easily add them to a footer – If you can give a bit more of a description or example of what you would like then I’m sure someone on the Sailwave User Group will help you out

  3. I’m developing a new WordPress site for the club, but although I’ve downloaded several of your logos, the upload to the WordPress media collection fails without specific message. Tried both drag and drop and multi-file uploader. What now?

  4. Hi Richard – is it a jpg that you are uploading?, there should be no problem with jpg images. Sailwave is a WordPress site and I’ve uploaded Sailwave jpg logos without any problem.

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