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  1. Hello – Is it possible to get sailwave to show the change of a boat results from the end of race day one to the end of race day two? I want to make a daily Price for the boat in the series that have made the higst improvment on the scoreboard??

  2. Viktor – The very easy way is to use the Venue or Event Burgee. Point one of these to your logo or even use an image editor to combine multiple images into a single image and use this. You can also easily add them to a footer – If you can give a bit more of a description or example of what you would like then I’m sure someone on the Sailwave User Group will help you out

  3. I’m developing a new WordPress site for the club, but although I’ve downloaded several of your logos, the upload to the WordPress media collection fails without specific message. Tried both drag and drop and multi-file uploader. What now?

  4. Hi Richard – is it a jpg that you are uploading?, there should be no problem with jpg images. Sailwave is a WordPress site and I’ve uploaded Sailwave jpg logos without any problem.

  5. Can Sailwave publish via FTP to a WordPress site? If yes, can you publish to multiple pages, for example to 4 different series, each series having it’s own results page on the WordPress site.

  6. Hi Scott, Sailwave can publish to any standard FTP site. It publishes an HTML file/page. The question is how do you use this in WordPress – there are some solutions which won’t be covered here. A simple way is to publish to some server – This could be the Sailwave Results folder. Then publish the link to this in WordPress
    For advanced options, you can use the publish to an application which allows you to use any custom script or application to publish which you can customise to your requirements
    Contact me if you wish assistance with this. Jon

  7. Many Thanks Jon – worked out how to publish the results to your server! Sorry to disturb your Sunday evening!

  8. I find that some people have problems publishing via FTP.
    They get an error code 0 and nothing is uploaded.
    I’m sure the setup is correct as I don’t have any problems myself.
    We use the latest version of Sailwave and the same setup and result file on all PCs!
    Any suggestions on how to proceed in the troubleshooting process are appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.
    Leif Clausen

  9. Hi Leif, The first thing is this when you are uploading to the Sailwave results folder or when you are uploading to your own website with FTP?
    If you are using your own server then you need to set the Global options FTP settings.

    Global options

    You can try putting the IP address in place of the server name as this will rule out any DNS problems
    Leave the base blank and make sure you have the correct login name and password making especially sure the case is correct.

    Connection OK

    Then when you publish to FTP you should get a message similar to above – If you don’t then either the IP address is wrong the username or password is wrong – or you have some firewall either Windows or a third-party firewall preventing the connection.

    If this stage succeeds then when you click OK it should upload the file specified. If you get an error at this stage then either you don’t have rights to write into the current directory of the server or the path you writing to does not exist
    If you specify the file to write as results/2019/demo.html it will attempt to write to base URL for the login to the server you have used and then a subfolder results and subfolder 2019 and then the file demo.html
    If you are using a non-windows server make sure the case of the folders is correct. You will get an error 0 if you attempt to write to a non-existent folder

  10. I am trying to upload to the general results folder and I am getting an error code 0 when I attempt to publish.

    “Failed to upload page to sailwave.com Error 0”

    I have disabled my firewall.

    Thanks in advance for any help

  11. I have been in contact with Andrew and just for anyone viewing this the issue was that his filename contained a / character which was being taken as directory (folder) indicator for a directory that did not exist.

  12. I experience the same issue “Failed to upload page to sailwave.com Error 0”, but it is not a character causing the issue. I can upload the exact same file from a separate computer (where nothing is changed). Moreover, connecting the exact same computer to another wifi also removed the issue.

    Seemingly, it is a local network configuration issue?…

    Any ideas about where to look?

  13. Hi Thomas – There are threads on this topic in the Sailwave User Group forum.sailingresults.co.uk it may be worth trying checking or unchecking the box in Setup – Global Options – FTP – use passive mode transfers this works for some. Here in the UK we have experienced one or two Internet Service Providers which are using a proxy which stops the ftp working properly which may be the case if it works in one location but not another. Is the Wi-fi at different locations? You could try creating a hotspot with your mobile phone to see if it works. If it does then it is the ISP – there is a work around for this on the User Group. If you still need help get in contact with me directly and I’ll help you out. Jon

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