HighlightWins (Colin J)

This effect highlights first places in the series summary table.  It is easily extended to show other results.

It can be downloaded from here.

4 thoughts on “HighlightWins (Colin J)”

  1. Make sure you are using the latest version of Sailwave. There is a help button on this version. If you still have a problem then please give details of your problem. Do the effects supplied with the Sailwave install work for you?

  2. Great, so I’ve downloaded the files that was on the link. Now what do I do with it? Does it go in a Sailwave folder somewhere? I know nothing about html, so if I have to go into the code it’s not going to be pretty! A more detailed explanation to the previous posters question about this would have been really helpful!

  3. Hi Nick,
    For what you want to do I would recommend you at least start by using the effects included with Sailwave. Assuming you are using Version 2.28.1 or later then you will find that many of the common effects are preinstalled. When you are publishing tick the effects box and then select HighlightWins3V3. This will highlight the top three winners in each race. If you want to use additional effects that are not preinstalled then you can either download them from the library or create them yourself if you feel so inclined.
    See for more details. The location at which you store these effects is specified in the Global settings – Folders. If you require any more assistance please drop me an email. jon@sailwave.com

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