How do I import a competitor list?

Last edited 18th January 2019 by Jon

Available from the File menu, File+ImportCompetitorList allows you to import a competitor list into Sailwave from a CSV file. It has options to remove existing competitors prior to the import.

It does not facilitate the merging of those competitors already in the series with those in the CSV file. Any of the standard competitor fields can be imported.

Example of importing 4 competitors defined with class, sail number, helm and club fields.

class, sailno, helm, club

Dart 18, 6885, Colin Jenkins, Mumbles
Stealth R, 516, Mark Pressdee, Mumbles
Topper, 234221, Joe Bloggs, Haleiwa
Tiger F18, 1111, John Smith, Honolulu

The standard Sailwave CSV file syntax applies.