How do I import a list of race results?

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Available from the File menu, File+ImportRaceResults is usually used when race data has been captured with a timing device and you need to import elapsed times, positions, codes, laps and start/finish times.

The wizard can optionally force a match against existing competitors in the series or create new competitors on the fly during the import if they don’t match an existing competitor. You can use as many competitor fields as you like to identify a competitor (all must match) but you must use enough to uniquely identify a competitor. For example, if you just use the sail number and more than one boat has the same sail number, Sailwave will warn of ambiguity. In this case, you would probably choose to use sail number and Class. Sailwave will also warn if the competitor cannot be found. Sailwave’s standard CSV file format rules apply.

In addition to the standard competitor fields, the following data field names can be used:-


Races are created dynamically in Sailwave as required. If you specify start and finish times, Sailwave will calculate the elapsed times during the import.

The elapsed time, start time and finish times must conform to the typographical standards used when entering results using Edit+Result or the sail number wizard.

Example. Import races 3 and 4 for a series using start/finish times and matching competitors on class and sail number (or creating competitors with class and sail number depending on the options you choose in the wizard). Note that the races do not have to be entered in any particular order, each line just needs to uniquely specify a result for a particular race/competitor pair.

raceno, class, sailno, start, finish
4, Topper, 234221, 16:05, 17:02
4, Tiger F18, 1111, 16:05, 16:59
3, Dart 18, 6885, 13:00, 14:01
3, Stealth R, 516, 13:00, 14:22
3, Topper, 234221, 13:00, 15:06
3, Tiger F18, 1111, 13:00, 14:02
4, Dart 18, 6885, 16:05, 17:34
4, Stealth R, 516, 16:05, 17:11

From Version 2.26.1 some additional features have been added.

The matching of field names has been improved

If you specify results for a race which already contains some results you will receive a warning and the option to abort the import.

You can leave the race number blank and it will use the same race as previous entries, and if no race has been specified previously then Sailwave will prompt for a race number to use with the results.

You can specify a + symbol which will create a new race
so the following assuming that there are already 4 races in the series, Sailwave will prompt for a race number and assuming you enter 5, this would create Race 5 and add the first 3 results to race 5, the + would then create raceĀ 6 and the next 3 results will be added to raceĀ 6.

raceno, class, sailno, start, finish
, Topper, 234221, 16:05, 17:02
, Tiger F18, 1111, 16:05, 16:59
, Dart 18, 6885, 13:00, 14:01
+, Stealth R, 516, 13:00, 14:22
, Topper, 234221, 13:00, 15:06
, Tiger F18, 1111, 13:00, 14:02