How do I setup a series for the first time?

Usually you would create a series by opening an existing series and using the File+SaveAs menu to save it with a new name, or to use the File+NewSeriesUsingOneOfYourSeriesAsAProForma menu item that allow you to create a new series based on one of your existing series.

However, to create a series from scratch, use the the File+New menu item. It will ask you for an initial number of races and competitors. You do not have to be exact, you can add or delete races and competitors later.

Having used the File+New menu item, the approach to setting up your new series would be something like this:-

Setup+UserInterface menu item to unhide any features you wish to use.

Setup+SeriesProperties menu item to configure general series properties.

Setup+ScoringSystems menu item to create and configure the scoring systems appropriate to your SIs.

If necessary setup the fleets from the fleets tab of each scoring system. You only need to do this if for example the rating system if different for one or more of the fleets.

Enter your competitors using the Edit+NewCompetitor menu item.

Create your races using the Edit+NewRace menu item.

Edit your races using the Edit+Race menu item and add starts as appropriate.

These actions can be done in any order, Sailwave does not require to follow any particular procedure when setting up a series.

When you add a new race Sailwave will copy the starts from the previous race, so if all your races have the same starts it can be quicker to create race 1 and it’s starts, then create the other races; although you can copy starts from a race to any other selection of races, so there’s not much in it.

You will also find that there are keyboard shortcuts and buttons on the Toolbar for many of the menu’s identified above. You will gradually find your own preferred way to go about setting up a series.

Use the Setup+GlobalOptions menu item for series independent options that apply to all series.