How do I translate the English text when publishing?

This post only applies to Sailwave versions 2.6.0 and later.  It replaces the javascript solution which has been removed.

Translating the fixed English text when publishing involves modifying publishing templates.  We will work with Results.htm as an example.

Create a copy of Results.htm in your own template folder as detailed here.

Use a text editor (e.g. Notepad) to edit your copy of Results.htm.  Look for lines of the form:-

`string.set("prize.title", "Prizes")`

Each line is a function call to string.set() enclosed in backquotes.  string.set() takes two parameters: a string name and a string value.

You need to change all the string values.  Do not change any of the string names.  So for example in this case you would change the “Prizes” into something else.

You must enclose your values in speech quotes as above.  You must not explicitly use a speech quote ” or a backquote ` in your values.  You can embed these characters and unprintable characters like return and tab using this syntax:-


Where n and nx represent the decimal ASCII values of the character(s).  A ” character is decimal 34 so you can use for example:-

`string.set("prize.title", "Prizes for <34>RNLI<34> Trophy")`
You can set column headings in the summary and race tables for competitor fields using string names of the form:-

Where the field names are defined here.  Or you can set field names in Sailwave itself using the view+columns menu.  Template definitions take precedence.

Save the file.

Open Sailwave and publish some results.  You will see your changes.

More work is planned to allow the structure of the captions and starts etc to be specified in the templates.

Note that older custom templates will not have any string.set calls.  Factory English defaults are used in that case.



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