How do I use wind indexed ratings?

Note that the wind indexed options are not enabled by default in Sailwave because they are little used – use the User Interface window to enable them on a per series basis.

Edit a scoring system and enable wind indexed ratings on the RatingSystem tab. Enter a comma separated list of wind strengths that will be used for the corresponding wind indexed ratings. Using the USSA PN scheme as an example, the list would look something like this:-

0-1, 2-3, 4, 5-8

Note that the spaces are ignored and the list could also look like this:-


The strings (“0-1” etc) are completely arbitrary and you could have alternatively written:-

None, Gentle, Medium, Strong

When you sail a race you log the wind strength in a race start – a drop down list allowing you to select one of the above values.

Each competitor shouldl have a default rating defined and also a comma separated list of ratings to used for each of the wind strengths defined above; for example:-


Note that a null value in the list is interpreted as use the default value. For example if the default value was 101 the list of wind index ratings could have been written:-


If the default value was 100 it could have been written:-


When you score the series with wind indexing enabled Sailwave looks at the wind strength logged in a race start and then choose the appropriate rating for the competitor from their list of wind indexed ratings; from which it can calculate an appropriate corrected time. If a race is not logged with a wind strength the default value is used.