Image background Effect

This effect allows a background image (it doesn’t have to be a photo) to be applied to the results as an effect so you can turn it on or off as simply as selecting the effect.  You can also specify the image to use and save it with the series.

You can of course simply add an image using CSS, to any of the existing styles by editing the Style and saving it as a custom style (see the Sailwave User Group for the sample that Keith kindly supplied).  This effect however allows you to add a background image to any of the styles without having to edit the style.  And publish with or without it at will.

It has a default image (you can modify the default image simply by editing the effect) but it also allows you to specify the image to use at the time of publishing and this is stored with the series so that each series can have a different background image.

As a sample, you could have something like this








It can be combined with other effects such as HighlightWins3v3 if required

How to change the image at publishing time without editing any files.
This is done by adding the path to the image in the publish notes.
You can still add notes as normal but if you add a line starting with
<!BG   and ending with > e.g.
This line will not appear in the published results but it is passed to the effect.  You must of course tick the box to publish notes even if the image path is the only thing in the notes.










It can be downloaded from here.
Save it in your custom effects folder as specified in the Setup – Global options- folders – My script folder,  the default for this is

Have fun….
Try the example <!BG> and post a reply in the user group if you know where the picture is taken – I know some of you will.

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