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These are the locales available as of 20/04/2024.

From Version 2.25 February 2018 the Translation capabilities have been greatly enhanced and Italian and German translations are included in the Installer.  The Installer automatically determines if the machine being installed is an Italian/German Locale and installs all the Italian/German translation files and configures Sailwave to use them.  If you are using an Italian/German Language PC and wish to use the English version of Sailwave then simply in the Setup – Global options – Locale, remove the location of the translation files and in Folders Tab,  and remove the \ITA or \GER from the templates directory.

For Translation to a different language there a 3 areas involved

  • Fixed Text output on the Published output – You can change these in the template files see here.
  • The Text of the main Sailwave Program – From Version 2.25 this is now in two files one which is the same as previous versions but with a few more screens included, and a second file which contains the translations for text which is dynamically changed by the software such as right click menus and error messages. This is done by changing the Locale, for instructions go here.
  • Column Names / Fields – You can change this simply by renaming them within Sailwave.  However from version 2.25 translations of these are automatically added when you create a new Series assuming these translations have been added to the Locale text translation files, which is currently only Italian

Below are the locale’s, which have been contributed back to Sailwave (Italian is included automatically).  Some of these locales will be out of date and only provide a partial translation, and these are all prior to version 2.25 so they will not have the dynamic translations included.  Translation only requires editing a text file so please help and get involved if you are capable.  The Sailwave version, that the locale was created with is shown if known.   If you decide to fill in the blanks for an out of date locale, please do consider contributing it back to this site.  Thanks.

Some browsers will display the file instead of downloading it when you click on the links.  If that is the case try right-clicking and choosing something like “save link as”.  Alternatively just copy and paste the text into a new text (.txt) file using notepad or similar.

German, GER, Christof Rübsamen, 28/02/18, V2.25.2
GER.txt        GERM.txt

German, GER, Christof Rübsamen, 20/02/18, V2.24.0

Italian, ITA, Antonio Giovenzana & Maurizio Garbujo, 28/02/18,  V2.25.2        ITA.txt      ITAM.txt

Thai, THA,  Chatchawan Chaijinakul,  20/04/2024
V2.29.0     THA.txt    THAM.txt


Polish, POL, Marcin Klikowicz, 22/11/13, V2.13.3

Danish, DEN, Kim Aagaard.

French, FRA, Anonymous.

Chinese, CHN, Taurus.

Swedish, SVE, Anders Landenstad.

Romanian, ROM, Dan Mitici.

Norwegian, NOR,  Jon Anders Quamme,  28/10/16
Previous ver Martin Bolgen.



If you create a locale please consider giving it to other users and listed here, thanks.  jon@sailwave.com.

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