What is NHC and how does Sailwave support it?

National Handicap for Cruisers – NHC is a progressive handicap system with the specification provided by the RYA.   A list of base handicaps is available for download from the RYA site.  After each race Sailwave adjusts the handicaps based on the rules of the NHC specification.  Sailwave supports dual scoring with only the inputting a single set of results, so that results could be scored as a fix handicap such as IRC and progressive handicap NHC.  The intention is to encourage sailors by making the competition closer.

To use the NHC rating system select it from Scoring system – Rating system and typically select the internal calculation mode.

If you have Excel installed then you can select the External mode and Sailwave will use Excel to perform the calculations allowing you to see how the calculations are performed and verify – If you want to get a bit more advanced and are familiar with Excel you can even modify the template so that you can perform virtually any custom handicap system.

The NHC calculations for 2014 have been revised and use simplified.  The Sailwave version with support for the new 2014 algorithms is now available in Beta via the Sailwave User Group and will be released here very shortly.  Version 2.9.7 installer here has the NHC 2013 algorithms although it can support NHC 2014 with a new SWHelper file and Template available at the Sailwave User Group.



4 thoughts on “What is NHC and how does Sailwave support it?”

  1. It seems to be very random. My rating went up without undertaking a race so I am more heavily handicapped than similar boats and in particular against another boat whose rating did not change for the second race of the series even though they also did not race in the first-where’s the logic in that? Please can someone explain this to me. JB

  2. It’s difficult to comment without seeing the results and knowing which version of NHC was used for the calculation. I haven’t released the 2015 version of NHC yet for Sailwave other than a Template for testing and I’m sure this will change once the official documentation is released by the RYA. Using the 2014 version if you don’t race your rating doesn’t change. With the 2015 version it may change but as there are still some issues with the 2015 spec where the rating may adjust in the wrong direction in some circumstances I can’t recommend the use of the 2015 version until the solution is officially agreed
    Joe can tell me what version was used?

  3. G’day. NHC is great for removing any personal bias on the part of the Club Handicapper. All open and transparent. Thanks.
    One question: I use Sailwave NHC across a whole season and the entry page gets rather crowded. Can I delete earlier races without affecting the algorithm and the last rating?

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