Posting to Sailwave user group with pictures

As Promised a few screen shots.

I’ve also updated it to version 2.8.1 to include the ability to include the start names in the column headings.

If the start name is longer than 6 characters then it is not printed.  If it is 6 or less then it is printed, so all the normal colours can be printed.

If you begin the start name with a space the browser will probably print it on a new line, see the example below.

The following example shows how you can have races split into multiple starts and the start names can be appended or not as you wish.

You can have the start name appended to the race:-


Or underneath:-


Or not at all.

Starts that have no competitors in the group you are publishing are ignored so you have double or triple columns for qualifiers and and single for finals.

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