Rating file library

These are the rating files available as of  6th February 2022.  For instructions go here.

Australian Sailing Yardsticks 2021-22,  Emma Humpries
See https://www.sailingresources.org.au/class-assoc/yardsticks/ for full details.

Great Lakes PY, Huw Pearce 2021

RYA PY, GBR, Huw Pearce 2021

RYA PY Limited Data, Huw Pearce 2021

SCHRS PN, Huw Pearce/Geoff Balfre, 2021

SCHRS, Huw Pearce/Geoff Balfre, 2021

RYA PY Historical, GBR, Huw Pearce 2018

USSA PN Cats, USA, Jake Kohl, 2011

LYS, DEN, Jonas Ehrlow, 2013.

Texel, NED, Victor van Schaardenburgh, 2007

Echo, IRL, Cahir Davitt, 2004

If you create a rating file please consider supplying it for use by other users and listed here, thanks.  jon@sailwave.com.

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