Rating system expression

Sailwave has many of the popular rating systems hard-wired into it but occasionally you’ll want to use a rating system that Sailwave doesn’t know about.

The Custom rating system allows you to define an expression representing the calculation of corrected time. A standard Sailwave expression can be used with the variables:-

The boat rating, wind indexed if appropriate – r.
The elapsed time in seconds – e.
The race distance – d.


e * r
e / r
(e * 1000)/r
e * r * d
e * (650 / (550 + r))
e – r * d
e – ((r * d) / 2.3)

The result is always rounded to an integral number of seconds.

Sailwave optionally requires a corresponding formula for e and r; these can be obtained by simply rearranging the formula for c appropriately. The formulas for e and r are required if you want Sailwave to calculate BCR and BCE.