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2013-2014 Australian Laser Open Championship

McCrae Yacht Club

Laser Radial Practice


Sailed: 0, Discards: 0, To count: 0, Entries: 91, Scoring system: Appendix A
Rank SailNo HelmName BoatName Class Division District Fleet Nett
  17 Cameron Barwick XLR8 Radial Y VIC    
  149847 Jeremy Albert Joga Bonito Radial   VIC    
  151974 Brendon Jukes Jukes of Hazzard Radial   VIC    
  163970 Tony McPhail Slow boat to China Radial   VIC    
  170509 Rohan Langford Cold Reason Radial   TAS    
  176153 Owen Davies Weazel Radial   TAS    
  177066 Cameron Parsons Big Wednesday Radial   VIC    
  177071 Stephen Collings Ro your boat Radial   VIC    
  177740 Jonathan Pulham Puddleglum Radial   VIC    
  177746 Toby Sorokin Comfortably Numb Radial Y SA    
  180195 Krystal Weir K Time Radial W VIC    
  181881 Berrick Fitzsimons taco Radial Y Other    
  182971 Elyse Ainsworth Cheeky Thing Radial W & Y QLD    
  185368 Geoff Walker Three fifths of five eighths Radial   VIC    
  187899 Jack Turnbull BlackJack Radial Y QLD    
  188799 Jackson Rees TBA Radial Y QLD    
  190344 Jack Brett Charter Radial Y WA    
  190349 John d'Helin Son of a bitch Radial   VIC    
  190352 Geoff Kohlman Venture 17 Radial   VIC    
  191621 Sefton Cole   Radial Y Other    
  192281 Susannah Pyatt   Radial W Other    
  192626 Mark Kennedy Tassie Express Radial   QLD    
  193069 Kate Lathouras   Radial W WA    
  193383 Jarred Smith DABOYZ Radial Y WA    
  193418 George Boulden ARTHER Radial Y WA    
  193836 Wakako Tabata ABeam1 Radial W Other    
  194921 Alexander Jurovic metak Radial Y VIC    
  194924 Jacinta Ainsworth Feeling Tipsy Radial W & Y QLD    
  194952 Malcolm Parsons Goodbye Cactus Radial   VIC    
  194958 Matt Lingard The Stig Radial Y WA    
  196406 Cullen Le Roy   Radial Y Other    
  196415 Charles Corston   Radial Y Other    
  196887 Angus Barker Old Tom Radial Y QLD    
  196896 Megan de Lange Arrow of time Radial W VIC    
  196907 Dave Kershaw FUN Radial   VIC    
  197267 Alistair Watson Pegasus Radial   VIC    
  197269 Rhett Gowans Rhett' Rig Radial Y VIC    
  197279 Samantha Homan Addiction Radial W SA    
  197280 Madeline Salter YOLO Radial W & Y TAS    
  197281 Clive Humphris Fascination Radial   VIC    
  197288 Joseph Randall GYCO Radial   VIC    
  197524 Sam Booth Phoenix Radial Y NSW & ACT    
  197525 Alan Booth Ssotally Tober Radial   NSW & ACT    
  198093 Ben Hartnett Huge Radial Y VIC    
  198095 Daniel Best speed racer Radial Y QLD    
  199092 Chris Andersen   Radial Y NSW & ACT    
  199244 John Jagger ITAM Radial   VIC    
  199246 Simon Merritt Tangled Ferret Radial   VIC    
  199256 Benjamin Knoop TBA Radial   SA    
  201521 Stuart Plenderleith PharLap Radial Y NSW & ACT    
  201529 Caitlin Davies Triple 0 Radial W VIC    
  201534 Mark Barwick Jetstream Radial Y SA    
  201538 Hayden Johnson Limitless Radial   QLD    
  202555 Madison Kennedy Keen as Mustard Radial W QLD    
  202559 Tom Cooper The Cat's Whiskers Radial Y TAS    
  202598 Daniel Self   Radial Y Other    
  202612 Satoko Hasegawa Blue Blossom Radial W Other    
  202626 Michael Vaughan 1 Captain Haddock Radial   TAS    
  202651 Anna Vaughan Aardvark Radial W & Y TAS    
  202693 Lachy Gilham HOT DAWG Radial Y WA    
  202694 Peter Charlton The Alchemist Radial   NSW & ACT    
  202725 Harmon McAullay TBA Radial Y WA    
  202767 Richard Maher Reach Around Radial Y WA    
  202769 Peter Fell Dharma Radial   QLD    
  202777 Conor Nicholas Blue Diamond Radial Y WA    
  202854 Tristan Brown FSC / RFBYC Radial   WA    
  202882 Brad Utting Scud Radial   WA    
  202898 Marcus Fisk Ndege II Radial Y WA    
  202899 Ash Dyer Xtremely Greatful Radial W SA    
  202923 Joel van Weel Fortitude Radial   VIC    
  203223 Ben Franklin NB Sailsports Radial   QLD    
  203762 Jesse Mitton Kiss my Deck Radial Y SA    
  203769 Ashley Stoddart Diamond Standard Radial W Other    
  203781 Emma Barton Channel Radial W & Y TAS    
  203787 Chris Charlwood Chris Cross Radial Y WA    
  203788 James Stewart   Radial Y WA    
  204601 Anna Philip go anna Radial W & Y VIC    
  204604 Shane Conly Captain Radial Y NSW & ACT    
  205002 Martin White White Satin Radial   NSW & ACT    
  205045 Ryan Donaldson Maxed Out Radial Y WA    
  205988 Hamilton Nesci Riptide Radial Y VIC    
  206010 Nicholas Connor Weeber Radial Y NSW & ACT    
  206012 William Bates Elevate Radial Y QLD    
  206030 Ali Nightingale   Radial W & Y VIC    
  206039 Alistair Young   Radial Y Other    
  206391 Emily Carstairs   Radial W & Y QLD    
  206393 Finn Alexander TBC Radial Y NSW & ACT    
  TBA Samuel Tennent   Radial Y WA    
  TBA Teau McKenzie Laser Radial Radial W & Y Other    
  TBC Phil Kurts   Radial   NSW & ACT    
  tbc Kylie Upton   Radial W NSW & ACT    



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