2022-23 NSW Sabot State Titles

Teralba Amateur Sailing Club / Vaucluse Amateur 12ft Skiff Sailing Club

Results are final as of 19:26 on November 2, 2022


Sailed: 0, Discards: 0, To count: 0, Rating system: NHC1, Entries: 28, Scoring system: Appendix A
Rank SailNo Boat Club HelmName CrewName Fleet Division R1 R2 R3 Total Nett
  1385 Spitfire Drummoyne Sailing Club Alex Clark   SNSW 1 Up          
  1426 Aerial Drummoyne Sailing Club Harry Mercer Harry Gilroy SNSW 2 Up          
  1477 Missing In Action LC12SSC Max Nicholson   SNSW 1 Up          
  1531 iBoat DSC Mary Lou Doolan   SNSW 1 Up          
  1585 Adventure Time Lane Cove 12' SSC Lucas Wood   SNSW 1 Up          
  2502 Sizzling Marshmallow Teralba ASC Meg Ellis   NNSW 1 Up          
  2576 Water Buoy Wangi Amateur Sailing Club Fletcher Boyd   NNSW 1 Up          
  2587 Chicken Hunter Greenwich Flying Squadron Olivia Kannegieter   SNSW 1 Up          
  2609 Step aside Taree aquatic club Campbell Royan   NNSW 1 Up          
  2618 Black Diamond Northbridge Zachary   NNSW 1 Up          
  2631 Karaoke Kid CHYC Mia Vaiciurgis   NNSW 1 Up          
  3836 Why So serious Drummoyne Hayden Green   SNSW 1 Up          
  4010 Organized Chaos CHYC Joel Vaiciurgis   NNSW 1 Up          
  7000 Swordfish DSC Sarah Doolan   SNSW 1 Up          
  7004 Slippery Little Sucker Lane Cove 12'SSC Bailey Mayne   SNSW 1 Up          
  7013 It’s all good Drummoyne Hugo Minnett   SNSW 1 Up          
  7017 Need for Speed LC12fSSC Edith Cullinane   SNSW 1 Up          
  7037 Miles away Coffs Harbour yacht club Finnegan Savage   NQLD 1 Up          
  7047 Chicken Dinner Vaucluse Lachlan Keyte   SNSW 1 Up          
  7056 Tiger Bite LC12fSSC Eoin Cullinane   SNSW 1 Up          
  7079 Red Herring Port Macquarie SC Aidan Nosworthy   NNSW 1 Up          
  7112 Havoc Vaucluse Sol golovsky   SNSW 1 Up          
  7115 Usual Suspect LC12FTSSC Emily Armitstead   SNSW 1 Up          
  7117 Blue Bottle Drummoyne Joshua Green   SNSW 1 Up          
  7129 Vitamin C Port Macquarie SC Charlie Nosworthy   NNSW 1 Up          
  7134 Atomic Taree aquatic club Oliver Royan   NNSW 1 Up          
  7138 White Pearl DSC Lily Mercer   SNSW 1 Up          
  7140 Whiteout DSC Luke Mercer   SNSW 1 Up          


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