HARKEN P-Class Auckland Championships

Wakatere Boating Club

Results are provisional as of 12:04 on November 12, 2022


Sailed: 0, Discards: 0, To count: 0, Entries: 34, Scoring system: Appendix A
Rank Boat Name SailNo Club Name Gender Total Nett
  Freedom 125 Howick SC Annabelle Cartwright Female    
  Frantic 330 Howick Sailing Club Alex Zhao Male    
  Red Baron 759 Howick Sailing Club Emily Frewin Female    
  Sitting Duck 389 Kohimarama YC Amelia Higson Female    
  Bullet 989 Kohimarama YC Bella Jenkins Female    
  Vengeance 404 Kohimarama YC Kate Howse Female    
  Excalibur 88 Kohimarama YC Lewis Snape Male    
  Katie 552 Kohimarama YC Sasha White Female    
  P shooter 565 Kohimarama YC Tony Li Male    
  Crystal Meth 373 Murrays Bay SC Nathan Soper Male    
  Mirage 963 Murrays Bay SC Zara Scott Female    
  Whiplash 985 Murrays Bay SC Isaac Gaites Male    
  Ripped 219 Murrays Bay SC Jago Cleghorn Male    
  Little Red 22 Murrays Bay SC Arran Begic Male    
  Head First 979 Murrays Bay SC Blake McKinnon Male    
  Wreckless 49 Murrays Bay SC Emily Turner Female    
  Echo 79 Murrays Bay SC Finloe Gaites Male    
  Eliminator II 80 Murrays Bay SC Greta Hutton Female    
  Gunsmoke 4 Murrays Bay SC Guy Gager Male    
  Whatever 752 Plimmerton BC Caelan Taylor Male    
  No Surender 922 RAYC Louis Quere Male    
  Sea Saint 183 RAYC/WBC Hugo Smith Male    
  Impulse 345 RAYC/WBC Keaton Lay Male    
  The General 1 Wakatere BC Jack Craddock Male    
  Unstoppable 303 Wakatere BC Liam Richards Male    
  Pieces of Eight 888 Wakatere BC Nelsen Meacham Male    
  Staccato 110 Wakatere BC Ruben Newton Male    
  Persuasion 5 Wakatere BC Tessa Clinton Female    
  Maverick 10 Wakatere BC William Mason Male    
  Ninja 30 Wakatere BC Arthur Rebbeck Male    
  The Goon 33 Wakatere BC Ashton Cooke Male    
  Slash 97 Wakatere BC Callum hyde Male    
  Upbeat 993 Wakatere BC Callum Noyer Male    
  Trampus 308 Wakatere BC Hamish Brown Male    



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