2017 UK National Championship

Poole YC

Entry List at 11:45 Monday 10th July 2017

Entry 19 updated as Roger & Jamie Blake proud owners of shiny new Mk5

Entry Class SailNo Boat Platform Builder HelmName HelmSex CrewName CrewSex Club Notes
1 OSPREY 73 Mk2A Wood Bell Woodworking Ros Downs F David Downs M Tata Steel SC Early Entry
2 OSPREY 1267 Another Swift Half Mk3 GRP Porter Brothers Brendon Pell M Charlotte Fletcher F Poole YC Early Entry
3 OSPREY 1365 Carpe Diem Mk5 FRP Hartley Boats Peter Mallaband M Adam Watson M Whitefriars SC Early Entry
4 OSPREY 1362 OMG Mk5 FRP Hartley Boats Mick Greenland M Lee Marriot M Isle of Sheppey SC Early Entry
5 OSPREY 1356 Shippy Mc Shipface Mk4 GRP Hartley Boats Simon Hawkes M Ben Hawkes M Wimbleball Lake SC Early Entry
6 OSPREY 1291 Waimanu Mk3 GRP Porter Brothers Alex Willis F Nick Willis M Hayling Island SC Early Entry
7 OSPREY 1367 Mk5 FRP Hartley Boats Alan Henderson M Alastair Barrie M Prestwick SC Early Entry
8 OSPREY 1319 Prey Encore Mk4 GRP Hartley Boats Ken Carroll M David Carroll M Harwich Town SC & Naivasha YC Early Entry
9 OSPREY 1350 Contains Nuts Mk4 GRP Hartley Boats Alec Mamwell M Arthur Butler M Coniston YC Early Entry
10 OSPREY 1085 Infidel Mk3 Wood McCutcheon George Odling M Harry Odling M Plymouth University SC Early Entry
11 OSPREY 1343 Luv Bites Mk4 GRP Hartley Boats Richard Marshall M Andrew Edmonds M Poole YC Early Entry
12 OSPREY 1322 Peek a Boo Mk4 GRP Hartley Boats Matt Burge M Stuart Maunder M Poole YC Early Entry
13 OSPREY 1181 Magician Mk3 Wood TBA Willy Crichton M TBA Ribble Cruising Club Early Entry
14 OSPREY 1296 Whitestar Mk3 Wood TBA Kevin Francis M Philip Male M Castle Cove SC Early Entry
15 OSPREY 1292 Light n Bitter Mk3 Wood TBA Paul Heather M Jonathan Osgood M Aldenham SC Early Entry
16 OSPREY 1338 Curved Air Mk4 GRP Hartley Boats Ken Brown M Chris Butters M Isle of Sheppey SC Early Entry
17 OSPREY 1341 Stylo Mk4 GRP Hartley Boats Russ Wheeler M TBA Isle of Sheppey SC Early Entry
18 OSPREY 1281 White Knuckles Mk3 Wood TBA Terry Curtis M Peter Greig M Castle Cove SC Early Entry
19 OSPREY 1369 Dark Matter Mk5 FRP Hartley Boats Roger Blake M Jamie Blake M Great Moors SC Early Entry
20 OSPREY 1360 Flying 'O' Mk5 FRP Hartley Boats John Mills M Caz Mills F Shoreham SC Early Entry
21 OSPREY 1353 Callisto Mk4 GRP Hartley Boats John Shenton M Steve Offer M TBA Early Entry
22 OSPREY 1348 Jammy Dodger Mk4 GRP Hartley Boats Mike Pickering M Mike Priddle M TBA Early Entry
23 OSPREY 1337 Mara Mk4 GRP Hartley Boats Robert Shaw M Ian Little M Kielder Water SC Early Entry
24 OSPREY 1352 String Driven THing Mk4 GRP Hartley Boats Piers Strong M Phil Angrave M Poole YC Early Entry
25 OSPREY 1363 Robbers Alley Mk5 FRP Hartley Boats Alistair Raynard M Rob Burdekin M Carsington SC Early Entry
26 OSPREY 1325 Seeing Red Mk4 GRP Hartley Boats Robin George M Nicola George F Great Moors SC Early Entry
27 OSPREY 1175 Able To Mk3 Wood TBA Emma Stephenson F Tim Bowden M Weymouth SC Early Entry
28 OSPREY 1290 Swift Wun Mk3 Wood TBA Martin Cooney M Peter Frith M Poole YC Early Entry
29 OSPREY 1207 Schiafino Mk3 Wood TBA Andy Brewer M Richard Hattersley M Poole YC Early Entry
30 OSPREY 1298 Barking Mad Mk3 Wood Andy Barker Michael Atkinson M Richard Bowers M Poole YC

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