venue burgee

2019 National Championship

Mounts Bay Sailing Club

event burgee

Prize Winners

Creeksea Challenge TrophyMkII & MkIII Osprey layout1116 DJ Edwards & Mike Greig
Douglas Gill Trophy
U21 Helm
U21 Helm No qualifier
U21 Crew TankardU21 Crew1369 James Blake
Filey Bay Novices CupNovices [not won anything even in another class]1085 Harry Odling
Masters TrophyOver 40 and been in Top 6 at a previous Nationals1116 DJ Edwards
Tubbs TrophyOver 40 helm not qualifying for Masters Trophy1298 Michael Atkinson
Tenby TankardOver 40 crew1353 Vyv Towend
Stubley Evergreen TrophyOld boats 854 Richard Packer & @Borris' Morris
Stubbs Potential 1338 Ken Brown & Chris Butters
Forsyth Lang 100 upJoint age 100 or above  
Last Man - Endeavour Trophy 1357 Paul Roberts & John Clark
Northern Boat Trophy 1363 Alistair Raynard & Rob Burdekin
Lady Helm Trophy 1281 Caroline Croft
Lady Crew - Pwllheli Pennant 1326 Deanna Stace
Janet Hartley Memorial TrophyFirst family placed boat1085 Harry Odling & George Odling
Chairman's TrophyClass chairman choose 1281 Caroline Croft
Offer Team Trophy1st Team Trophy Poole YC 1
Poole Team Trophy2nd Team Trophy Poole YC 2
National Placings   
Daily Telegraph Trophy Overall 1st place1116 DJ Edwards & Mike Greig
City of PlymouthOverall 1st place helm 1116 DJ Edwards
Champions Trophyoverall 1st place crew 1116 Mike Greig
Challenge Cup Trophy - Stone SCoverall 2nd place1353 Matt Burge & Vyv Townend
Mumbles Trophyoverall 3rd place 1234 Terry Curtis & Peter Greig
Little Ship Trophyoverall 4th place 1198 Angus Hemmings & Adam Bowers
 5th place1352 Piers Strong & Phil Angrave
 6th place1281 Caroline Croft & Jon Gorringe
 7th place1298 Michael Atkinson & Richard Bowers
 8th place1290 Martin Cooney & Peter Frith
Individual Race Winners   
Plycraft Trophy Race 1 winner1298 Michael Atkinson & Richard Bowers
Mounts Bay TrophyRace 2 winner 1116 DJ Edwards & Mike Greig
Marlow Ropes TrophyRace 3 winner 1353 Matt Burge & Vyv Townend
Martini TrophyRace 4 winner1116 DJ Edwards & Mike Greig
Proctor TrophyRace 5 winner1116 DJ Edwards & Mike Greig
Saundersfoot SC TrophyRace 6 winner 1234 Terry Curtis & Peter Greig
Hartley Laminates TrophyRace 7 winner 1353 Matt Burge & Vyv Townend
Gul TrophyRace 8 winner1116 DJ Edwards & Mike Greig
Palmer SalverRace 9 winner1353 Matt Burge & Vyv Townend
British Steel TrophyRace 10 winner 1198 Angus Hemmings & Adam Bowers

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