Poole Week 2019

Parkstone Yacht Club

Competitor List

Class Sail_Number Boat_Name HelmName CrewName Club
Byte 2950 A Kind Of Magic Kirsten Glen   Parkstone YC/Spinnaker SC
Contender 713 David Evans   Poole YC
Cornish Shrimper 569 Tony Millett Richard Teuber Parkstone YC
Cornish Shrimper 643 Richard Gray Margaret Gray   Parkstone YC
Cornish Shrimper 700 Black Magic Malcolm Bell   Parkstone YC
Cornish Shrimper 779 John Stephens Michael Richardson Parkstone YC
Cornish Shrimper 834 Rusty Ian Brindle Robert Brindle Parkstone YC
Cornish Shrimper 859 Rascal Rod McBrien   Parkstone YC
Cornish Shrimper 1050 Crabby Gaffer David Lack Mike Gregory Parkstone YC
Cornish Shrimper 1108 Vital Spark Andrew Given   RMYC
Dart 18 4122 Vivian Allen Jeremy Twigg Parkstone YC
Dart 18 7747 Blenheim Beauty Rosemary Crinion Clare Stacey Parkstone YC
Dart 18 7783 Flo Philip Cotton Miranda Cotton Parkstone YC
Dart 18 7827 Tigger Kenny Cheney   Parkstone YC
Dart 18 7963 Don't Panic Peter Stacey Suzie Clayton Parkstone YC
Dart 18 7986 diablo 2 lido badawy mark webley Parkstone YC
Dolphin 34 New Moon Nigel Yeoman Tessa Yeoman Parkstone YC
Dolphin 35 julian pampiglione clive rowe Parkstone YC
Dolphin 36 Why Not? Peter Harris Gaye Harris Parkstone YC
Dolphin 40 Alan Hescroff Matt Hescroff Parkstone YC
Dolphin 41 Punch & Judy Gillian Linford Chris Ford Parkstone YC
Dolphin 42 Hey Jude Sean Meharg/ Barry Harris Pat Harris Parkstone YC
Fireball 14697 Hullabaloo Too Andrew Clark Ruedi Preiss Parkstone YC
Flying Fifteen 2700 Ffrohlich Neil Bartholomey Stuart Bartholomey Middle Nene
Flying Fifteen 3537 Land of Conffusion Bob Alexander Huw Willetts Parkstone YC
Flying Fifteen 3643 Frizz Geof Gibbons Dave Moy Parkstone YC
Flying Fifteen 3850 Christina Moncur Stephen Moncur Parkstone YC
Flying Fifteen 3851 FFUK Ian Linder   Burghfield SC
Flying Fifteen 3904 Mervyn Wright   Parkstone YC
Flying Fifteen 3914 Defying Gravity Adrian Tattersall Richard Popper Parkstone YC
Flying Fifteen 3916 Silhouette simon redhead Mike Riley Parkstone YC
Flying Fifteen 3922 Footloose Crispin Read Wilson Steve Brown Parkstone YC
Flying Fifteen 3934 FFantasia too Graham Davies Homfray Vine Parkstone YC
Flying Fifteen 3966 Richard Ledger Paul Chesterman Parkstone YC
Flying Fifteen 4019 Steve Randle Lisa Randle Parkstone YC
Flying Fifteen 4025 Leap of Faith Chris Gorringe Nadia Hosie Parkstone YC
Flying Fifteen 4036 Richard Linford Peter Biggs Parkstone YC
Fusion 1 Alison Zutshi   Parkstone YC
Fusion 104 Phillipa Graham   Parkstone YC
Fusion 116 Nigel Pearce   Parkstone YC
Fusion 208 Pip Middleton   Parkstone YC
K1 73 Ian Duke   Datchet Water Sailing Club
Laser Standard 14 Wish You Were Here Pete Taylor   Parkstone YC
Laser Standard 15 John Lyons   Parkstone YC
Laser Standard 38 Mike Kuzyk   Parkstone YC
Laser Standard 71 Captain Cornerbanger Michael Atkinson   Parkstone YC
Laser Standard 89 David Pratt   Parkstone YC
Laser Standard 154030 Chris Whalley   Parkstone YC
Laser Standard 179024 Stuart Purches   Parkstone YC
Laser Standard 204966 Nauticol Colston Nichols   Parkstone YC
Laser Standard 205302 Gary Wakefield   Parkstone YC
Laser Standard 206716 Cha Cha Cha Peter Sherwin   Chew Valley Lake SC
Laser Standard 210848 Fair Corfe Andrew Hartley   Parkstone YC
Laser Standard 210979 David Hartgill   Parkstone YC
Laser Standard 212407 Bob Cudmore   Parkstone YC
Laser Standard 213699 Alan Davis   Oxford Sailing Club
Laser 4.7 88 Pam Woodall   Parkstone YC
Laser 4.7 67038 Alison Wheeler   Parkstone YC
Laser 4.7 164735 Deborah Chirnside   Parkstone YC
Laser Radial 5 Pudding Sarah Tauwhare   Chew Valley Lake SC
Laser Radial 10 Roberta Hartley   Parkstone YC
Laser Radial 16 Christi Brasher   Chew Valley Lake SC
Laser Radial 29 John Keates   Parkstone YC
Laser Radial 62 Sheila Burton   Parkstone YC
Laser Radial 90 Emma Aish-Lyons   Parkstone YC
Laser Radial 140888 Natalie Annels   Parkstone YC
Laser Radial 174482 Jaws Edward Schuster Bruce   Parkstone YC
Laser Radial 180950 Ben Purrier   Parkstone YC
Laser Radial 208999 Ann Keates   Parkstone YC
Laser Radial 209216 Charlotte Rockett   Barnt Green SC
Laser Radial 209493 Tom Peacock   Parkstone YC
Laser Radial 212401 Stuart Bromidge   Parkstone YC
Laser Radial 213520 Angus Kemp   The Poole YC/RLymYC
Merlin Rocket 3654 Tales of Acapulco Stephen Bailey Chris Bailey Parkstone YC
Merlin Rocket 3694 The Soup Dragon Steve Tyler   Parkstone YC
OK 58 Mary Reddyhoff   Parkstone YC
RS200 735 Chad Parker Phil Parker Parkstone YC
RS200 861 Snowy Duncan Glen Lorna Glen Parkstone YC
RS200 871 Gareth Jones Oliver Jones Wembley
RS200 878 Ian Mairs Tally Mairs Parkstone YC
RS200 961 Simon Philbrick Carole Coveney Poole YC
RS200 1128 James Hartgill Chrissie Hannah Essex Yacht Club
RS200 1384 Martin Cowell Jane Cowell Parkstone YC
RS200 1493 Trevor Annels Holly Annels Parkstone YC
RS200 1585 Tony Wilkinson Michelle Wilkinson Parkstone YC
RS400 618 618 Carl Downing George Downing Stokes Bay Sailing Club
RS400 911 David Sparrow Sue Sparrow Parkstone YC
RS400 1400 English Rose Steve Middleton Chris Rowland Burghfield SC
RS400 1431 Interstella II Andrew Leigh Chris Neal Burghfield SC
RS400 1433 Richard Hall ALICIA ANDREWS Parkstone YC
RS400 1468 David Wilkins Frances Wilkins Parkstone YC
RS400 1480 Andy Hadfield   Parkstone YC
Wayfarer 10788 Expeditious David Moss Tom Dudfield Parkstone YC
Wayfarer 10866 Jackie Dobson   Parkstone YC
Wayfarer 10883 Red Hot David Wall Sally Wall Parkstone YC
Wayfarer 10972 Dragonfly Ian Sargeant Anjali Sargeant Parkstone YC
Wayfarer 11010 Richard Spencer Derek Shipley Parkstone YC
Wayfarer 11074 Whatknot Ian FYFE Emma Whalley Parkstone YC
Wayfarer 11234 Out of Appledore 2 Iain Lamey   Parkstone YC
X One Design 12 Mark Woodhouse John Chilvers RMYC
X One Design 25 Morven Jeremy Harford Tapp Pete Burden Parkstone YC
X One Design 37 Ariel Crispin Tombs   Parkstone YC
X One Design 40 David Law Jenny Stuteley Parkstone YC
X One Design 61 Richard Batchelor   Parkstone YC
X One Design 85 Michael Drake Hilary Drake Parkstone YC
X One Design 107 Nick Fullager Jim Adams Parkstone YC
X One Design 143 Skiffle John Edmonds Nigel Wrigley Parkstone YC
X One Design 193 Eric Williams   R Lym YC
X One Design 194 Alvine Nick Cornish Viv Evans Parkstone YC



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