RS200 and RS400 National Tour- Southern Championships

Parkstone Yacht Club

RS200 and RS400 Southern Champioships

Boat Helm_Full_Name Crew_Full_Name Extra Col 1 Extra Col 2
RS200 Bruce Grant Maddy Kirk    
RS200 Jake Hardman Emma Hartley    
RS200 Shaun Robson Marie Smith    
RS200 Ffion Morgan Ben Dearden    
RS200 Roger Phil Brook    
RS200 Kyle Brown Madeline Strugnell    
RS200 Freya Brown Grace O'Hallaran    
RS200 Paul Robson Hadey Lines    
RS200 Edward Harris James Bennett    
RS200 Alex Smallwood Callum Farnden    
RS200 Chris Webber Nicki Webber    
RS200 Daniel Tregaskes Polly Tregaskes    
RS200 Milly Tregaskes Taryn Banks    
RS200 Matt Venables Bethan Matthew    
RS200 Tony Wilkinson Michelle Wilkinson    
RS200 Dave Pointer Jan Pointer    
RS200 will storey Kate Allam    
RS200 Nigel Bird Andy Bird    
RS200 Hamish Walker Emma Hivey    
RS200 Matt Thornton Laura Bevan    
RS200 Karen Oldale Jo Hewitson    
RS200 James Williams Sarah Tuppen    
RS200 Duncan Glen Lorna Glen    
RS200 Alex Cleaver Mike Cleaver    
RS200 Matt Mee Tom Pygall    
RS200 Ian Martin Chris Catt    
RS200 Stuart Totten Jill Totten    
RS200 Niki birrell Ben whaley    
RS200 Douglas Calder David Calder    
RS200 Richard Edwards Lila Edwards    
RS200 Owen Bowerman Annabelle Orme    
RS200 Merrick Stanley Victoria Upton    
RS200 Chris Thomas Verity Hopkins    
RS200 Ugly Open Kim Gavin Sarah Gavin    
RS200 Ugly Open Rob Henderson Elouise Mayhew    
RS200 Ugly Open Chris Mayhew Nicole Mayhew    
RS200 Ugly Open Martyn Stubbs Yvonne Smith    
RS200 Ugly Open John Harvey Sarah Maddison    
RS200 Ugly Open Charlie Whitaker Andrew Wishart    
RS200 Ugly Open Peter Loretto Kelly Aaron    
RS400 Christopher Eames Rachel Tilley    
RS400 Richard Hall Alicia Andrews    
RS400 Stuart Costigan Brett Grinnall    
RS400 Andy powell Richard Ashwell    
RS400 Chris Garvey Jim Garvey    
RS400 Mark Cockrill Lizzi Blackwell    
RS400 Ben McGrane Roz McGrane    
RS400 Jack Munnelly Trisha Clancy    
RS400 martin powell Arun Powell    
RS400 Sam Knight Chris Bownes    
RS400 Robert Hepburn William Hearn    
RS400 Matthew Ellie    
RS400 Paul Smalley Anna Kerslake    
RS400 Henry Morgan David Morgan    
RS400 Howard Farbrother Louise Hosken    
RS400 Neil Bevington Alan Skeens    

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