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Styles are Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) which can be used to control the presentation of results etc when publishing from Sailwave.

Sailwave includes many styles by default that are not in the library.  Also, some styles in the library may now be in the default set.

If there is one you wish to use from the library and it’s not showing up in the selection list, or you wish to tweak it or use a later version, please read this Publishing FAQ to setup your own styles folder.

If the style definition is presented in the library entry, copy it into a text file in your styles folder giving it a suitable file name and a .htm extension.  Alternatively, if a link to a file is provided, right-click on the link and save to your styles folder (click to view).

If there is contact information in the library entry or the style definition, the author has agreed to be contacted.  If you would like to contribute a style please contact

The most recently modified styles appear at the top of the list.

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