TableSorter (Jon)

2018/04/16 Updated to version 1.2 to work with https websites

This effect allows the sorting of the columns for the results summary tables and sort indicators are added to the column headers.   Columns are sorted alphabetically except the race columns which have a custom parser to make them numeric – so even if a result is discarded and the number is in brackets it will use the numeric value within the cell.  Click on the column header to sort any column.  Clicking it a second time will reverse the sorting.  If you are using a PC to view then you can sort on multiple columns by holding down the control key while you select the next column.  Or use the Alt key to reset the sort (You can always click on the Rank column header to reset also)

It can be combined with the HighlightWins3 if required





It can be downloaded from here.

8 thoughts on “TableSorter (Jon)”

  1. First are you using the latest version of Sailwave? Have you read the section on effects? What error are you getting?

  2. Hi Tim – Thanks for the sample although its not using the Tablesorter so perhaps the HighlightWins3 section may be a bit more appropriate. Would you care to share some of the JS with the others?

  3. I have just tried this effect and it seems to work Ok for what i am tryign to do, However it appears to have over ridden my Style (Grey Days) which i have modified to centre align each column, all columns are now left aligned

  4. Using the Effect seems to do what i want however, My selected Style is Grey Days, which i have modified to align all cols to the Centre, using this Effect has over ridden that and now all columns are Left Aligned.

  5. Hi John – Unfortunately the CSS for the TableSorter is much more complicated than a normal results display The CSS used for TableSorter is at “” if you want to see what is used. You can replace this with your own version by changing the URL in the TableSorter Script.

  6. Jon,

    That looks a lot above my comfort zone….. so may just leave as is for now, but thanks for the response.

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