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Sailwave incorporates built-in FTP for uploading of the Sailwave generated results to either the Sailwave results folder hosted on the Sailwave server (No configuration needed)  or to your own website.

From version 2.29.0 Sailwave also incorporates fully integrated support for SFTP and SSH and FTPS in addition to FTP

The configuration is in Setup – Global Options – FTP


Enter the IP address or name of your server e.g. or mywebsite.com

Base URL

Here you can enter the path to the directory that your results will be stored in e.g.
Note – directories(Folders) must exist when writing files to them otherwise it will return an error that it is not found
If you wish to write directly to the home folder put ./ in the base url

Folders can also be included as a prefix to the filename when publishing.  So if your base URL was media/results you could prefix the filename with a folder e.g. 2021/myresults.htm

If you leave the base URL empty then the directory is the root directory and you would have to supply a full path in front of the filename when publishing

Note that the Base URL was not fully implemented in pre 2.29.0 versions of Sailwave so if you have been using the FTP upload previously you will probably need to add ./ here or modify the prefix in front of the filename.  But with 2.29.0 onwards you can specify a prefix and don’t need to specify it with the filename.

Directories/Folders must exist and you must have permissions to write to them otherwise it reports an error.


Here you need to enter a username which will be set by your webmaster or hosting company. Different usernames may have different permissions and their home directory may be different.
e.g ScorersUpload    or   admin


This password should be that supplied by the webmaster or hosting company.


This is the port used to connect to the remote computer
For SSH or SFTP protocol use 22
For FTPS use 990
For FTP you can leave blank and it will use 21 or specify a custom port number other than 22 or 990

Use Passive Transfer

This currently is only used for the transfer to the Sailwave results folder


To publish to FTP or SFTP or SSH or FTPS select the Destination as shown below

You can click the preview to see the file you are publishing in your browser.  If you are happy you can then enter a filename


This is the filename that will be used for the name of the file on your server
e.g.  myresults    –   This will upload a file myresults.htm to the directory specified by the configuration described previously
e.g. results/2011/myresults.html  –  This will upload a file myresults.html to the directory as specified in the configuration within the subdirectories results/2011

Modify connection settings

You can click this button at anytime prior to publishing to take you directly to the configuration page to Check or Modify the settings

Please feel free to contact us or ask on the Sailwave User Group if you need assistance configuring.

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