Version 2.12.1

You can download Version 2.12.1  from the link below.  Note this is an exe only.

Please do a full install of 2.9.7 and replace the Sailwave.exe with this file renaming it to Sailwave.exe

This version is based on Version 2.11.1 with the following modifications

  • Ability to Join First and Last Names at import – No preprocessing required.
  • Import competitors from csv file has been updated to now allow merging of competitors with the competitors already in the file.  If there is no file loaded then the import is as per the previous version – However if you have competitors already present then the display offers you some more options









You can then select the box Ignore if competitors exist that match:-

You have 3 options – Typically you would only select one of them.
  1. Sail Number (and Nat) if a competitor already exist with the sail number and the same Nationality (if a Nationality is specified) then the competitor in the csv file will be ignored
  2. Helmname if this is ticked then if there is already a competitor with this name then the one in the csv will be ignored.
  3. There is then a custom selection where you can select any field – you could use Boat to stop entries being duplicated – or if you are importing from an online entry system this may create a unique entry number.  This way you can run the import regularly as new entries are received.

When you click next you get a display showing what has been imported example

importClick Finish and they are visible in the main area.

This version can also join the First and Last names for the Helm and Crew and  put them into a single field.  Note when this option is selected you cannot match on Helmname.

Often the online entry system supply the First and Last names as separate fields but we want them in a single field. This version has 4 special destinations for the mapping of fields


These will HELMFIRSTNAME and HELMLASTNAME are concatenated with a space between them into HelmName – If you want you can map them in reverse you then get the Last Name first.  The same is applicable to CREW.

There are also some cosmetic changes of buttons in this version

Let me have any feedback

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