VERSION 2.14.11 Beta

You can download Version 2.14.11 from the link below.  This is a full install and updates all the files in the program files directory.

This is a full install for the exe only version 2.14.11 which was recently released via the Sailwave User Group

This is the first Sailwave released here built with the latest Clarion 9 compiler.

Some of the changes include:-

  • Support for the new NHC 2014 algorithm – Regatta mode removed.  New SWHelper to support 2014 algorithm.
  • Page breaks when printing from the browser should now work in Chrome and IE previously they were only working in Firefox.
  • Change PYS ip address for uploads to the RYA, to match new address change from RYA.
  • Change Team points calculation to allow 0 points for missing competitors.
  • Fix issue with XML output when multiple scoring systems configured.
  • Excluded competitors are no  longer output in the XML output so as to make the files smaller and faster to handle.
  • Fix issue with Custom rating system – Test expressions.
  • Correct saving of Notes field – bug was introduced in previous beta version.
  • Time stamp for ISAF now has leading 0 added automatically if required.
  • Support for the new ISAF XRR format – More coming soon
  • Additional data is now capable of being translated for other languages.
  • Correct the extra <\td>’s in the codes used section.
  • SailRacer template updated for 2014.
  • Some cosmetic changes  and minor bug fixes.

Please report any issues you find.  Thank you for your help.


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