VERSION 2.17.0 Beta

This version adds another displayable column “NewRating” – This has been a commonly requested feature for NHC users so they can now publish the rating that will be used for the next race in the results of the series.   Use as you would any other column except this column is automatically updated when the series is scored

The country codes have been updated to the latest codes from ISAF to reflect the changes and additions of countries

The focus when editing results has been changed as per the discussion on the Sailwave User Group

Importing competitors from another Sailwave blw file has been fixed as per the discussion on the Sailwave User Group

This update is supplied as a zip file containing the Sailwave.exe version 2.17.0 and the new SWHelper.exe 1.5.0.   You need to extract the zip and replace the two above files in the directory  C:\Program Files\Sailwave or C:\Program Files (x86)\Sailwave (for 64 bit operating systems) .


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