This update is supplied as a full install containing the Sailwave.exe version 2.18.5  a new SWHelper.exe, new SWISAF.exe and examples.   You need to download from the link below and run the installer.

Changes in this version from 2.17 are

Scoring SystemOn the rating system tab there is now a tick box at the bottom labelled Excel Link.  If you run NHC in External Debug mode it normally defaults to using the SWNHC3.xls template to perform its calculations.  With this version you can now tick the box Excel link and supply a different name for the template.  In this example it will use the NHC 2015 specification template which is included with this install.  Note at the time of writing – Sailwave don’t recommend the use of the 2015 version other than for experimentation.  The Excel link name is stored within the blw Sailwave file so is remembered for the series.  Future versions of Sailwave will expand the use of the Excel link box.

  • You can now press F2 (Similar to Excel ) to edit a cell.
  • Updated Sailracer functions
  • Some Cosmetic and spelling fixes and minor bug fixes

NOTE:-  As a lot of antivirus programs don’t like the fact that Sailwave can send emails directly they have been generating false positives that the program is a virus, for this reason and also that many people now use web based mail,  the install does not contain the files necessary to send emails.   If you require this function you can download the following zip file and unzip it to the same directory that contains the Sailwave.exe typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Sailwave\

Please let me have any feedback so that we can release this as a full version


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