VERSION 2.19.4

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Please use 2.19.8 above.-


For changes since the previous full release (2.16.7) please see changes for 2.17.0, 2.17.1 and 2.18.1 in the download betas section. In addition to those, 2.19.4 includes the following:-

  • Double clicking a competitor field now additionally sets the focus to the field you double-clicked on, auto-selecting the appropriate tab.
  • Improvements to the Sailno wizard:-
    • Tick/untick the box “Don’t show competitors that already have a result” can now be changed at anytime – even while only a partial sailno is entered.
    • Enter * in the sailno and you can then enter a partial search for name or boat etc, and you can use the backspace to go back to the sailno field.
  • You can now import csv files that are read only.
  • Updated icons in some screens.
  • Publishing effects have been fixed and improved. Multiple effects are now supported.  Colin has created and updated some effects which are included in the install.  These include a social media effect which adds Facebook and Twitter icons to the results to allow them to be shared.
  • The old social media option on the publishing wizard has been removed.
  • Some new styles for publishing.
  • Some cosmetic and minor bug corrections.

Please let me have any feedback and request so that we can continue to improve Sailwave


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