VERSION 2.25.10

This new version fixes a bug with publishing unsailed races even when all races are selected.  So it probably won’t affect many users.

This update is supplied as a full install containing the Sailwave.exe version 2.25.10.    You need to download from the link below and run the installer.  If you have any issues installing please try running the installer as administrator by right-clicking the sw2_25_10.exe file and selecting run as administrator.

2 thoughts on “VERSION 2.25.10”

  1. This version badly counts the discard if there is a medal race, as it is marked that he does not reject the medal race and the usual rejects and so rejects the medal race

  2. Hi Chris, Thanks for reporting this – There was a bug introduced in the fix for the Qualifier / Finals discard profiles in version 2.25.9 – I’ve fixed it in version 2.25.11 which is now available for download from the Sailwave site

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