VERSION 2.28.1

To Download this version please click the link at the end of this section

Last Page update 14-07-2019 Jon

A new version of Sailwave which introduces some new features

  • This is the first version non-beta to be digitally signed with a certificate.  Hopefully, it will reduce the number of false positives that are generated by anti-virus software.  You will at least be guaranteed that no one has tampered with the install file.
  • This version is the first one non-beta published on the Sailwave site to be built with a new version of the compiler and this enables touch control to scroll the data around.  So if you have a touch-enabled device give it a go.
  • RORC high point scoring is in Beta in this version.  The RORC factors are not implemented for RORC series as yet.
  • This Version also has Iceboat support in Beta.
  • The import from CSV has been reworked and expanded – see documentation on the Sailwave web site
  • The install also contains updated versions of SWCList, ISAF (World Sailing) interface and the SWHelper for NHC scoring which now supports internal calculations when you are using PY numbers.
  • You will also notice some cosmetic and font changes.
  • There are improvements in the RYA PY returns and some bug fixes.
  • New Rating files are included as are the additional information for the PY returns.
  • Correction of DNE description.

This update is supplied as a full install containing the Sailwave.exe version 2.28.1.    You need to download from the link below and run the installer.  If you have any issues installing please try running the installer as administrator by right-clicking the sw2_28_1.exe file and selecting run as administrator.

Huw has tested the installer under Linux without any problems but points out if you are using Wine you should be using at least version 3.0.  If you want to run the World Sailing (ISAF) interface with Wine or on a Mac please ask for help or see instructions on the Sailwave User Group.

It can be downloaded from

For Mac and other operating systems see above and read
Other Operating systems

One thought on “VERSION 2.28.1”

  1. Great scoring system. I have been using it for many years in South Africa mainly for RCLaser and other RC yachts including Nationals and Provincial Champs. Thank you

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