A new version of Sailwave which introduces some new features

  • Changes have been made to make sub-windows open normally within the area of the main program – this is most useful when you are running with multiple monitors as previously all sub-windows would open on the primary screen although they could be dragged to other screens.  With this version, it should work well even if the Sailwave application is on both screens.
  • Additional information is added to the Help – Log file so as to display the rating file names that the ratings are being loaded from.  It then also displays the total ratings that it has after each one so you can determine how many are being loaded from each file if you wish.

Please report any issues and I will try to fix them

You can download Version 2.28.3  from the link below.  Note this is an exe only.

Please do a full install of 2.28.2 if you don’t have it already and replace the Sailwave.exe with this file renaming it to Sailwave.exe
You may if you wish to rename the original Sailwave.exe to say sailwave2-28-2.exe so you can revert to it if you wish (see below)

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