Version 2.29.0

This is an exciting upgrade for those publishing to their own websites.

This new version now includes a fully integrated support for SFTP, SSH, and FTPS in addition to a new FTP uploader for uploading published results directly to your website.  This was previously only possible if your website or service supported FTP but many are no longer supporting FTP and require SFTP or SSH uploads.  This all now comes built into your favorite scoring program Sailwave.

Documentation is available here:-

In addition to the support for the secure protocols, there have been some other changes.  The Base URL window now works correctly as intended which may mean if you have been using FTP previously and left this blank you will need to insert “./” in this window.  If you have entered a directory path here and been entering it in front of the filename you will no longer need it in front of the filename.
The famous Error 0 no longer applies when you get an error uploading to your website, you should now get a more informative message such as authentication failure meaning your username or password is incorrect. Note an access error means you don’t have permissions.

This is a full install and also includes

  • the changes in 2.28.14 (see Beta releases) plus
  • Increase buffer size for the format of columns to allow larger HTML formating from 150 to 500 chars – This allows the creation of links on any column – see user group for detail
  • Increase buffer size for Fleet name to 40 from 20 in Main competitor edit window
  • Increase entry size for Venue and Event burgees from 100 to 255 chars to allow long URL’s to be used

Please report any issues and I will try to fix them

You can download Version 2.29.0 from the link below.

For Mac and other operating systems read
Other Operating systems

Any difficulties please ask on the chat or User Group

2 thoughts on “Version 2.29.0”

  1. Thank you, when Sailwave first came out, our club donated to the programmer, I forget his name. Our club (PAUPACK SAILING CLUB) has been using it for many years and we would be lost without it. I want to thank you and the group for maintaining the program and it is the best out there.
    Art Werner
    Lake wallenpaupack, Pa.

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