Version 2.30.2

Last updated 20th April 2024 by Jon

Version 2.33.0 currently available in the download Betas (see details there) is now the preferred version as it is stable and has additional features it will be moved to this section shortly



This is a full install with many changes /improvements

Changes since 2.29.0 are

  • Fix class name generation for Race columns e.g. rank 10-39 had .rankxx applied (applies to advanced users only)
  •  Fix internal chartochars routine not to use the ¬ symbol so Chinese and presumably other languages don’t get corrupted
  • Fix hang if an invalid locale file is specified
    (Specifying an invalid file forces the use of the charset specified so you can see the Chinese file without switching the computer)
    Users may want to change header.txt to specify the language
  •  Fixed Foils dropdown on Technical tab
  •  Added a clear search box icon.
  •  A  new competitor now clears the filter
  • Changes to the save to JSON.  Fixed the formatting and now uses .json instead of .txt and no longer displays the file.  No longer includes excluded competitors if they are hidden
    Unused competitor fields are not included in the file (This results in the file now being much smaller)
  • Fixed Merge when the file being merged to the original has had its races reordered
  • Has the facility to support iQFOiL scoring
  • Uses AS for Australian Sailing in place of VY for Victoria Yardstick converts VY to AS for compatibility
  • Add selective starts to SailNo Wizard.   For the larger events, the Sail Number wizard now can filter presented SailNo’s based on the starts that are selected.  Using this feature makes it less likely to enter an incorrect sail number and will highlight any competitors in the wrong fleets.  It also makes entry quicker as you don’t have to type so many characters to get a match and is especially useful when multiple countries are present with the same sail number
  • A New series now has the Sailwave burgees configured as standard – you can of course either delete or change them as you wish
  • Upload to  PYOnline now checks that an Event name is specified and automatically ignores races with no results when sending.  It is now possible to use * to send all races even if some have not been sailed
  • Changed RYA Logo and changed ISAF logo to World Sailing Logo plus added RYA icon to Plugin Menu
  • Change ISAF text to World Sailing


This is Issued as a full install with an updated World Sailing Plugin – not all functionality is operational at the moment – awaiting World Sailing to supply updated details but it can check all World Sailing ID’s and can create XRR files to be sent to World Sailing

Please report any issues and I will try to fix them

You can download Version 2.30.2 from the link below.


4 thoughts on “Version 2.30.2”

  1. Works nice on Linux using WINE. I did notice an issue though in the “Edit Result” dialog window – The text in the ElapsedTime textbox was invisible. This was on Fedora39 using Cinnamon UI. If you need screenshot etc.. just email me.
    Thanks for the great software.

  2. I don’t at this moment have a Linux Wine installation – I have heard sometimes changing the Theme will fix some of these issues. But by all means please send me a Screen shot if you can’t fix it. Huw uses Sailwave using Wine on Linux so I will point him to this

  3. Thanks Jon and Huw. I changed to “No Theme” and worked a treat. Nice one 🙂

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