Version 2.4.1

Version 2.4.1 is largely a tidy up exercise.  

It is a recommended install.  Please report all problems via the Sailwave user Group or email or leave a comment on this post, thanks.

Release date

17th December 2011

Download link


1. Sailwave will remove all existing files in the folder you install to.  Please make sure that you save any files you wish to keep.  It’s possible that you have rating, custom style or custom template files there.  I recommend you move these to somwhere like My Documents so that there are no security issues.  Use the Setup+GlobalOptions menu to tell Sailwave where they are.

2. All 2.03 builds were experimental and are not supported.  Please install this version.

3. If you get ‘show stopper’ problems use this version.


  • Remove New+Proforma menu item.  Hardly used.
  • Remove assumptions for rating, my styles and my templates folders.
  • When loading rating and template files etc, open in read-only mode to try and help security issues in Windows 7.
  • Reinstate status bar.
  • Fix rating not being auto set from class selector.
  • Fix window opening off screen bug.
  • Change the Sailwave website to a blog.  This means I can fiddle with it from anywhere and invite other authors etc.
  • Move the help to the blog to it can be easily updated as and when necessary.
  • Remove Validate, PDF and Viewer publishing destinations.
  • Add a button to see the contents of the Sailwave results folder when publishing to it.
  • Allow users to have their own sub-folder in the Sailwave results folder.
  • Update the RYA IP address.